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Resonator Frequencies

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Resonator Frequencies

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Because of the emphasis of frequencies that combat infections in resonance therapy, the Rife resonators can be used to treat in a complementary manner a wide variety of illnesses caused by infections, especially by Streptococci and Staphylococci.

 The Rife resonators’ design and development are based on accumulated research data spanning many years. Not only did the designers and developers concentrate on the bio-resonance generation but also on the technological materials used in the generator. This broad front design approach forced them to give close attention to the user interfacing of the instrument as well. Making ease of use top priority.

Even without instructions, you will be able to understand the intuitive interface.

If you can operate a cell phone you can operate a Rife resonator.

The Rife Wave Resonators have treatments for all ailments that can be treated with resonance therapy.

Please note that The Wave resonators' list of stored treatments is a compilation of treatments that have been included because of their effectiveness.

The Wave range can store many more treatments, but we have only selected those that will really be effective. The user is however cautioned to refrain to add any more treatments because Rife has tested these treatments and found that the stored treatments are the most effective.

Most resonators on the market have many more treatments stored on their devices but they are untested. The user is then confronted with literally hundreds of treatments for example for cancer which the manufacturers just downloaded from the Internet from dubious sources.

It is then expected from the user to experiment with untested treatments to find the treatment that works. A user with a terminal disease has no time to experiment. The beauty of Rife health’s resonators are that they are effective: Not only because they comply with the specifications of a real resonator but also because of the tested concise list of treatments. 

By law Rife may not claim that resonators have any healing properties, but what we do claim is that our frequency generators (Resonators) comply with the requirements set by resonance therapists for use in resonance therapy.


Bodysonic MRA Electromagnetic Scans with Meta Therapy & Rife Resonators Safe technology for a healthier life

Bodysonic MRA Electromagnetic Scans with Meta Therapy & Rife Resonators Safe technology for a healthier life


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