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Bodysonic MRA

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Bodysonic MRA 

Manage your health by knowing your health status.
Magnetic Resonance Angiogram ~ MRA

Video for educational purposes only.

The BodySonic MRA Scanner is a very effective health analysis instrument that can not only detect anomalies of one's organs but can also treat by applying electrotherapy.

Originally developed in Russia, the BodySonic MRA Scanner is cutting edge radionics scanning technology that performs a comprehensive body scan revealing energy levels of each organ in one's body.

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The BodySonic MRA is one of the most extensive comparison computerised health analysis systems on the market as it reveals symptoms, psychological problems, micro-organisms, allergies, parasites and pollutants in the body and can assist with suggesting medication remedies that are safe and compatible to the client's health profile.

Although the BodySonic is a scanning device it offers also a treatment function. It is done by assimilating frequencies. Each body organ vibrates at its own frequency.

Scan 1.jpg

The BodySonic generates the corresponding frequencies to activate the necessary organs if they have very low energy levels.

One's brain is supposed to do this function the whole time but because of certain traumas or illness, it is not always capable of doing this function.

The BodySonic, however, is able to assimilate this function if the brain does not comply.

A good example is when one consumes too much sugar. The brain is used to activate the pancreas to create sugars but as the body got artificial sugars from an outside source one slowly trains the brain to not activate the pancreas and one can become diabetic.

The BodySonic is also used as an ideal tool for the chronically ill person with information to approach a medical professional with a more detailed description of what may be causing the illness.

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There is currently only one Bodysonic Machine in the UK. 


We use the BodySonic to provide health scans remotely. 


They are used by qualified health practitioners in other parts of the world. 


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