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The Cool & Calm Inflammation Alkaline Programme

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  The Cool & Calm Inflammation Alkaline Programme


A programme that offers more benefits than you can imagine!

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Several years ago I wrote a short book on how Inflammation damages the body and creates all types of problems from rheumatoid arthritis to IBS.

It's even worse nowadays our diets have become more challenged with production that creates Inflammation in the body.

Most can be cancers triggered by the inflamed body and if we can reduce the acid load and restore our alkaline balance we will help the body to do some of its own healing.

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This is my 7 Day Cool & Calm the Inflammation ~ Alkaline Programme.

It will be quite simple, but also quite strict as most foods can have acidic levels that we must avoid.
But if you want a calmer and more balanced body this is something that you can do for yourself.

You can continue this for a few wks if you like but the programme with be for 7 days.

A shopping list and recipes that you use each day will be posted, with other ways to help reduce inflammation in your system.

The programme is £25 and you can come back to the group any time you like, copy and paste stuff and keep 7 for yourself.

I also do lots of live sessions where I will be doing some processes to help you complete the week.

Everything is affected by Inflammation ~ this 7 days will help you to get into balance. 

The private group is held on Facebook ~ The Cool & Calm Inflammation Alkaline Programme Group.

You can pay below and ask to join the group here, once you have paid. You will be let into the group where you can start your transformation immediately. 


What Others Are Saying 


This what people are saying on the group ~ these are genuine comments that you will see when you join us.

1) Wow, emotions... I’ve had a better relationship with my daughter this week than I can remember for many years. This is worth its weight in gold. What has changed... me!

2) Not the end for me yetπŸ€” carrying on for the next few weeks at least I think? Thank you Linda for reminding me of the joy and love in natural food πŸ™

3) Very yummy leek and radish soup made using sweet potatoes and the milk I used was goats. The fried leek rings were an amazing topping tooπŸ˜‹ and I have oodles left for the freezer.
I made the foundation juice today and I gave a glass to my builder, who was pleasantly surprised at how 'very healthy it tasted'😁

4) I managed to stay on track and am repeating the week, tonight though we are having your sweet potato bake from 'extra recipes'.
I've lost weight, feel great about my choices and have absolutely changed my whole life. X

5) The benefits are endless....
* Lost 6.5lbs in 5 days
* A lot less pain
* Better quality sleep
* Feeling more mobile and refreshed in the morning
* Not feeling guilty for eating animals 😒
* Feeling much calmer
* Improved relationships
* Reduced shopping bill!
* My inner child is nourished
* No IBS
* Flatter tummy
* No flare-ups of my divercular disease
* Clearer focused mind
* Loads of soup in the freezer for busy days.
* Fabulous new recipes in my recipe book
How good is that, thank you Linda πŸ™β€οΈπŸ˜Š




6) Wonderful 😌 I am so grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow in Ayurvedic knowledge πŸ’–πŸ™ feeling more on an even keel after this first week myself😁 keeping going for nowπŸ€”

7) Day 5, pick n mix recipes. Another fabulous day... who would have known being vegan could be so easy and delicious. I’m getting out of bed a lot easier this week, after a long time of being very stiff and achy. How great is that!

And lots more ~ get the same benefits for yourself now!

The Cool & Calm Inflammation Alkaline Programme 

Only £25 to join 

Join the programme by clicking on the Pay Pal button below





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