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Inner Child / Inner Self Skype Calls

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Inner Child/Inner Self Skype Calls

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The concept of the Inner Child can create a great deal of uncertainty in many people. Although it has become a popular term and has been coined by many teachers, it is a difficult concept for many to grasp. Not because they do not understand what the 'Inner Child; means, but that the connection to their own Inner Child is missing.

Wk End Retreats

I hold weekend retreats, but many people would like to make a connection with me before they commit to a weekend away. These Skype calls have been designed for that reason.

Skype Calls

You can remain anonymous if you wish, by that I mean you do not have to speak or introduce yourself, you can let me know of this preference in advance of the call.

Most calls are in the evening and I inform people either via newsletters or on my The Formula is You closed group on Facebook.

The term Inner Child is used in the psychotherapy field and in some spiritual practices. It's usually associated with all forms of neglect, lack of love support, lack of attention, care and physical and emotional abuse.

Inner child work in my work is always connected to the Inner Self and helps to free and release unconscious behaviour patterns and bring awareness to who you really are.

You can read more about my Inner Child work here.

Testimonials for the Inner Child Skype Calls

These calls are so powerful and they unlock different things each time. On this call I realised that as a child I was told to be quiet, not to make too much noise and be a good girl - and this is what I still tell myself today at 57! Interesting when you see it written down in black and white. Looking forward to the next call .
Hi Linda, I have just sent you an email about the HUGE realisation I had on the call tonight;
thank you so much for adding me to the call tonight at such short notice; I was def meant to be there!!!

as you know I am always happy to share.....I am always amazed at how deep this programming goes...and love it when I make a connection between my earlier programming as a child and how that affects me today as an adult....Inner child work is the key.

Skype Calls are £15 per person and must be paid in advance of the call - you can pay via Pay Pal.

I do these calls in blocks of 4 which cost £40, so you do make a saving if you book these and pay in advance.

Please email me to book your place and to get details for the next dates and the payment.

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