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Ayurveda Home 7 Day Cleanse

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Ayurveda Home 7 Day Cleanse - A gentle yet powerful Ayurveda purification programme.

This is a 7-day purification plan that will cleanse your body, boost your immunity and warm your soul.

You will begin to feel lighter and more energetic quickly. 

A Cleanse to help you to transition through any overload of indulgence.


The recipes are for all body types, with adaptations for dosha types and therefore you should be aware of your own intolerance's and if you know your dosha, be mindful of foods that can aggravate you. Please be responsible for your own health and wellbeing. 

You receive the questionnaire, food chart and information, guidelines and shopping list 4 days prior to the actual cleanse starting.

The programme information emails begin to arrive within 24 hrs of your joining. 

This is a comprehensive daily email process and we must get you logged into the programme, it's not automated we do it all as real humans, so please be patient.

When it comes to an Ayurveda detoxification, the liver plays the most important role in the body. This cleanse will encourage liver function and help to cajole toxins from the system It not only removes toxins from the body but also produces bile to carry waste away, along with breaking down fats in the intestine. The liver is the largest internal organ in your body, so it’s important to regularly detox, to allow your body to function optimally. 


I can highly recommend Linda's 7 day Ayurveda Cleanse. The programme is packed with lots of recipes, all of which are so easy to make and taste delicious.
You are sent an extensive shopping list beforehand and the ingredients are all readily available at any good supermarket and online.
There are also lots of different processes for you to follow and the great news is that you only have to do whatever you can fit in.
Whilst on the cleanse I felt so much better. I knew I was lovingly taking care of my mind, body and spirit.
Yes, I did lose weight but that is not why I chose to do the cleanse. I chose to do it because I knew my body would be grateful and it was.
Linda's support is always there should you need it and the great news is that because the programme is emailed to you, you can print the programme off and use it over and over again.
Definitely worth the investment. ❤️

Lynn Meadowcroft 

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The Ayurveda 7 Day Cleanse will provide you with recipes and teas to help purify the body, purification that helps the body and the mind

An Ayurveda 7 Day Cleanse will help you -

  • With a simple yet specific daily safe and effective Ayurvedic plan 
  • Each day as its delivered into your inbox each day, and starts with a welcome instructional email, followed by preparation emails and shopping list prior to the start of your cleanse.
  • It's a cleanse that's simple and helps you towards transformation, that you can continue with throughout the year.
  • Lose Weight, beginning with inch loss in just 21 days
  • This cleanse with help to remove 'Ama' or toxins physically, mentally and emotionally 
  • This programme will help your emotional and psychological health.
  • The processes will help you feel more connected feeling lighter, more energetic.
  • It's important to give yourself loving care and attention and providing a sense of responsibility as well as acceptance for yourself


You will be introduced to the concept of Ayurveda Purification and the initial practices and methods that are required. This is an excellent starting point for you to do for yourself and also to introduce to clients who would benefit, from a better understanding of Ayurveda Self Care. If you do share with clients please acknowledge where it came from.

Those who know me and my work know that I have worked for many years on exploring the best, safest and most effective cleanses.

There are lots of radical cleanse ideas and menus out there but most of them do not offer nutritional satisfying and emotional purification.

This Ayurveda cleanse is much simple and has an efficient cleansing effect for your body and mind.

Pear chutney.jpg

I have spent years of practicing the best ways and I can truly say that the very simple and easy ingredients for this Ayurveda Cleanse will serve you and change the way you help your body and relationship with food.

  • Discover and develop the habits for longevity and deeper cleansing
  • Follow day-to-day recipes, menus and processes habits for better energy 
  • Tap into the deeper wisdom through clarity
  • Help others your families for a more enlightened, healthier experience 
  • Learn the simple aspects of an Ayurveda cleanse for your life in a practical way 

I have developed a variety of very simple recipes that will help you feel rejuvenated.

It will help you to feel nurtured, help your digestive system, reduce belly bloating and increase your Agni, the fire in the belly.

This Ayurveda cleanse is much simpler and has an efficient cleansing effect for your body and mind.


Want to loose weight, feel happy, invigorated & loving then with Linda Bretherton 7 DAY AYURVEDA CLEANSE I did.
I have never stuck at a cleanse in the past, with Ayurveda Cleanse I looked forward to receiving my daily timetable & advice. By timetable I mean fabulous easy recipes to follow including drinks.
Daily you received different recipes, chants, exercise & beauty routines. Ayurveda advice plus the sharing At home with Ayurveda Facebook page.
Linda Bretherton walks, the walk within Ayurveda. You can see this by her beautiful hair and skin & her healthy lifestyle.
Personally I know from experience how this has helped me to connect, love & listen to my body. Educating myself through the recipes the correct food my body desires.
I found after the 7 days finished, I continued with the fab recipes & some of the daily practices.
I have learnt so much from the programme each one is different. I and my family & friends have hugely benefited from this great programme.

You will receive a shopping list of the things to buy, prior to starting the programme. They are not expensive as all food is based on a healthy filling vegetarian meal.
I became so organised following the programme, just what the 🥼 doctor ordered.
Namaste thank you 🙏 Linda Bretherton for your commitment to us all xx

Jacqueline Allen 

Start Anytime 

This 7 Day Ayurveda Cleanse will help to clear your mind and enable your body to re-energise itself and help to build a new immune system.

You can start the programme anytime and receive daily emails with all the menus and recipes in your inbox.


The 7 Day Cleanse includes - 

  • Shopping list and full directions
  • Questionnaire to help with your body type
  • Food Chart to help you to choose correctly
  • Traditional cleanse / purification recipes for each day
  • Daily processes for helping you make the best out of your 7 days
  • Daily practices to encourage efficient Ayurveda body cleansing
  • Herbs and oils suggested for your Ayurveda 7 day cleanse
  • Herbal Teas for detoxification
  • Daily email into your mailbox 
  • Ongoing support through our FB group, see below
  • Special offer to visit our Ayurveda Spa for reduced treatments
  • Special offer Ayurveda Consultation

Cost for 7 Day Cleanse is only £10

You will also get access to our wonderful closed group page on Facebook where students and clients post their experiences, recipes, and concerns. Here is the link, At Home with Ayurveda, you must ask to join and can also ask any questions prior to signing up.

Namaste and welcome.

To get the Ayurveda 7 Day Cleanse, click on the Pay Pal button below  £10 


The 7 DAY AYURVEDA CLEANSE’S for me have been wonderful, they are a fabulous week of easy to follow recipes and processes and I always feel so invigorated and inspired to continue nurturing myself even after the 7 days has finished. The great thing is that you have all the information and recipes to keep forever! How wonderful it is to look after our body and mind? ❤ Some of the recipes have become firm favourites in our house as all the recipes are just so tasty! It’s not just about food though, there are body treatments, exercises, meditations and lots more - you don’t have to think of anything, it’s all laid out ready to follow. I’ve done a few of Linda’s 7 or 14 Day Cleanses and each one has been slightly different and given me more insight into myself. I’d highly recommend them and Linda is always there to help and support you. X

Sandra Czachur 


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