Ayurveda Gentle 3 Day Fast/Cleanse. 28/29/30 July

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Fasting ~ 

Short Introduction to Ayurveda Fasting / Purification ~ 

3 Days, 5 Days , 7 Days 

Actual days are announced as I do them ~ 

Feel great, look great , be motivated and learn ways to keep your health and wellbeing balanced.

The next 5 day Purification starts Jan 8th with prep time beforehand.


Fasting is called Upavasa ~ 

'Upavasa' is the Sanskrit name for what we would call 'Fasting' or more acurately Purification, the process is considered a remedy for a variety of illnesses as well as promoting longevity and well-being. 

Upavasa /Fasting according to Ayurveda describes it as something much more comprehensive than modern-day fasting, which like many copying is reduced to simply 'not eating'.

Ayurveda describes Upavasa as greater awareness than just abstinence from eating food. We are asked to consider the chewing, licking, and swallowing of food, as well as drinking.

Ayurveda Upavasa followed correctly and consistently leads to the removal of accumulated toxins and clears the blocked channels within us.

Over time the body will remove toxins from itself, also body fat is reduced which helps those wishing to lose weight.

Ayurveda describes obesity not only as an issue of overeating but also an issue with poor digestion

We help this by doing some very simple Home Panchakarma practices. 

Snehana is Oiling and Swedhana is Sweating, although this is not required on this 3 days unless you have a sauna or steam room.

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There are many different ways to fast and cleanse the body and if you have never done fasting before, this is a good start.

Herbal teas, the dosha teas are perfect. 

Vegetable Juicing at room temperature.

Gruel ~ these are very sloppy kichadi, rice, and oats. We will have recipes for these.

No heavy solids 


Fasting is not about being severe and not having anything, during Panchakarma it's about a healthy rest for our digestive system and this can help our bodies to clear toxins 'ama' and strengthen the digestive fire, this is important.

Fasting, if it's done correctly as suggested here, can also increase energy levels, encourage immunity, bring lightness to the body, sharpen the intellect, and bring a sense of vitality.

Often people will use fasting as a quick weight loss solution, but fasting for weight loss is a mistaken option and not recommended in Ayurveda. 

Fasting is a powerful cleansing technique to allow the body and gut to rest, stimulate your digestive fire, restore healthy organ functions, calm the mind, and clear toxins as a result, unwanted fat tissue can be reduced.


These short -Purification /Fast/Cleanse is done online in a Facebook Group which is private and set up only for participants.

There are video lives every day, which stay on the group if you are unable to make the time.

A shopping list and recipes are included for each day.

Some people do the fast in the  allocated time scale others choose to do it later if they have other commitments. The course stays online for 4 weeks it is then removed without exception.

The cost is an affordable ~ 

3 Day is £75

5 Day is £99

7 Day is £125

Per participant and none refundable.

You can pay via Pay Pal, please choose the 'family and friends' option or pay the £2 extra for Paypal fees. 

You can join and pay using my Pay Pay address ~ lbretherton 

Or email me for bank details and any other questions ~




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