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A Complete 10-Day Online Ayurveda Purification Programme for Body, Mind & Spirit ~ 24th March 2023

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Introduction to your Home Comprehensive 10-Day Online Ayurveda  Programme

This programme is online and presented in a Facebook Group where you will receive daily posts that guide, teach and support you.

The most complete and comprehensive online home purification programme you will find !!

That's a big statement, but I have been teaching and training people, practitioners, doctors, students, and other teachers for over 35 years. I am an Ayurveda Master Trainer. I have spent many years researching, practicing, and honing this programme so that it will bring you the very best results in 10 days.

I have had hundreds of people go through these programmes, and below there are some testimonials from REAL people, I can guarantee that if you follow through with the programme you will get results. 

This is the beginning of a gentle yet powerful Ayurveda purification programme, this is a general programme for all body types with guidance on specific dosha types. 10 days will take you through processes, food, and practices that include body, mind, and spirit care.

You will receive

  • A full introduction to the program
  • A comprehensive pack that contains all the necessary Ayurveda  products to enhance and make the most of the 10 days ~ you can continue with the products after you have completed 
  • Ayurveda Questionnaire, to help you to determine your own body type
  • Ayurveda Dosha Food Chart to help you with food choices throughout the programme and beyond
  • Having a Greater Understanding Of Yourself 
  • Shopping List for this program received in advance of the course starting
  • Daily Motivational Wisdom
  • Daily Practice Charts
  • Vedic Rituals to do during your 10-day process
  • Daily Ayurvedic Menus that you can use throughout your whole process, menus that you can adapt to your personal requirements
  • Daily Ayurvedic Recipes specifically encourage your body to eliminate according to Ayurvedic principles.
  • Daily Tea Purification Recipes
  • Chants & Mantras for purification processes
  • Processes and understanding of Synesthesia ( the Union of the Senses)
  • Suggestions of Essential Oils for use in your Purification Process ~ an essential blend is included in your pack
  • Suggestions of Flower Essences for increasing your Inner Harmony through this programme ~ a flower essence blend is included in your pack 
  • Inner daily Processes to follow
  • An intro to understanding the Elements and how they affect your body type and purification process
  • At the end of the 10 days, The Programme Content is sent via email and is yours to keep & follow the formula again & again
  • Reduced Fee for Personal Calls with Vani/Linda from anywhere in the world
  • A Private Facebook group for all Participants to share is an invaluable resource, participants encourage and support each other with ideas and suggestions.

Look what others are saying -

'I completed the 10-day Ayurvedic purification with Linda Bretherton

Personally, I am very busy (currently completing my Master’s, minimum 12-hour days in the lab, often more) and was initially worried I wouldn’t have the time/patience/willpower to complete TEN days! It seems like a long time and trust me it wasn’t.

After the first day it became apparent that the food was going to be stunning, the Ayurvedic processes were going to be helpful and relaxing, and there was no great hardship at all (unlike the usual ‘detox’ or health schemes).

I regularly checked in with a Facebook group created by Linda, where everyone else on the purification could share their stories, and it was so encouraging that I felt proud to post about my achievements and daily struggles (nobody’s perfect!).

I struggled with following recipes 3 times daily, as I’m more of a ‘freestyler’ in the kitchen, but eventually, it became a habit and I felt full all the time, something that’s a small miracle when you know how much I normally eat.

Beyond the 14 days, I feel like I’ve gained an appreciation for not only Ayurvedic cooking (this is only one part of the purification) but also of Ayurvedic processes and a state of mind; for me this involved tranquillity, forgiveness, and motivation. This is an invaluable lesson in your own health and mindset, and as a result, I feel amazing, I’ve shed a few pounds and am motivated to start exercising. Again, a miracle! Thank you, Linda, for your warm-hearted support and endless knowledge, it’s a pleasure to discover Ayurveda with you.' Molly Czachur

A Comprehensive Program for anyone wishing to bring health and vitality to their life

PsychoVeda is the integration of the Energetic World of the Psyche and Ancient Ayurvedic Processes, a powerful combination that addresses the mind, body, and spirit.

The fundamental premise is to encourage us to engage with the world that we live in. PsychoVeda incorporates the unique yet ancient concept of ‘synesthesia’ to ‘wake up’ to our body, mind, and spirit.

This 10 Day Ayurveda Purification Program provides a natural external and internal healing process.

This 10 Day Process is the beginning of a gentle yet powerful Ayurveda purification programme, this is a general programme for all body types with guidance on your specific dosha type.

However you should be aware of your own intolerance and if you do know your dosha, be mindful of foods that can aggravate you.

Please be mindful of your own health and well-being during this programme, and ask a professional health advisor if you are unsure.

It should be pointed out that this 10 day cleanse is not specifically directed towards individual dosha/body types, you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions to help you along the journey, through our FaceBook group, which you will be added to.

This is comprehensive and quite intensive yet it's still an introductory programme and is a general Ayurveda body/mind and spiritual purification for all types.

Email me for details Linda Bretherton

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Look what others are saying -

'Some of you may know I just did a 10 day cleanse program, I have tried a few in the past and this one is very best! the cost is Sooo reasonable for the amount of support you receive from the coach and the life long lessons recipes you learn along the way. Best natural face scrub I've ever done. Great filling meal ideas' with vegan options.
I was very fortunate to take part. its a great price for the daily instructions including meal plans, health/beauty regimes, journaling activities and more. Then the host/instructor is actually available for unlimited support. Nikki Petricca

The desire of this programme is to –

1) Help the body to begin its own process of elimination, this is an important Ayurvedic premise, to encourage the body to let go of the toxins found in fast foods, water pollution, environmental pollution, and home and beauty products.

Regardless of how well you take care of yourself, Ayurveda instructs us to do a Panchakarma Programme at least once or twice a year. Panchakarma is a deep purification programme that should only be carried out by an Ayurvedic Professional.

This introductory gentle programme has been designed for you to do at home.

2) If you stay with the complete programme, you will certainly be likely to lose weight, which can be a great start to a healthier lifestyle.

3) This programme will increase your energy levels and help you to feel lighter.

4) This programme will help to clear your mind and if you stick to the processes it will help to remove clutter from the mind.

Some of the daily inner processes are to help you to become more aware and connected to a deeper knowing for the mind, spirit, and body.

5) Although this programme will remove toxins from your body, it may also initially create a toxic response, where your tongue may feel furry, you may have a headache and or feel tired. This is completely normal and it really depends on the number of toxins in your body.

You can be certain that this will subside to feeling lighter, clearer, and happier.

Once the initial symptoms have subsided you will find that any of your usual symptoms will begin to decrease. Headaches, tiredness, constipation. If you have a chronic condition you may need to consult a health professional.

This 10 day home Ayurveda purification program is designed to help detoxify toxins that can store for years in your body. This programme is rooted in sound Ayurveda science and the ancient cleansing wisdom of Ayurveda.

This 10-day purification programme has been developed by Linda Bretherton MA through decades of training and practice.

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In 10 days you will have a more vibrantly healthy body and mind.

Who is it for?

  • For those who feel sluggish, toxic, or overweight, especially after times of overindulgence of food and drink?
  • Your eating pattern is not healthy, too many fast foods, your diet is not good?
  • For those wanting more energy and a stronger immune system?
  • For those wishing to lose weight and understand healthy food?
  • For those with mood swings and food or drink cravings.
  • For those who self-sabotage and are unable to have clarity of mind.
  • For those who want to have a new experience using natural and healing processes 

During the 10 days, you will be guided to do daily practices that include movement, chanting, yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, body exercises.

You will prepare and eat healthy food and Ayurveda dishes to encourage your body purification.


A Comprehensive Program for anyone wishing to bring health and vitality to their life

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More Testimonials -

' this was one of the best purification programs I have ever done, and I have done loads, thank you' June.

' I am thrilled with all the different ways that you incorporate the body, mind, and spirit into this programme' Susan

' I was so pleased with this program that I translated it for my father to be able to do it, wonderful' Peter

' what did it for me was that I can go back a couple of times a year and do it all again, for less than the price of one hour treatment at a health spa, it's fantastic. Well done Vani! ' Lucy

Please consult your own health professional if you are not sure of any of the processes or procedures provided here. Please consider and take responsibility for your own health and well-being.


You can email Vani here Namaste


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