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Unique Ayurveda Chocolates based on the 6 tastes of Ayurveda and the Dosha Constitutions

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Created & Engineered with Love

Together with renowned Chocolatier Aneesh Poppet, we have designed and created a range of unique Ayurveda Chocolates based on the 6 tastes of Ayurveda and the Dosha/Body Constitutions which are the foundations of Ayurveda health and wellbeing.

We all love chocolate, but most chocolate that we buy is made with varying degrees of quality, strength and many are overly full of refined sugar and other unhealthy additives that keep them on the shelves for months and sometimes years. 

Ayurveda always looks for the best ingredients in everything that we put into our mouths. 

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Organic and raw cacao is full of healthy antioxidants, magnesium, and iron. The first taste of high-quality chocolate raises your endorphins and boosts your mood. 

The false euphoric experience from eating shop-bought chocolate is manipulated by using high levels of sugar and additives which leads to the formation of Ama ( toxins in the body ) Cacao has the authentic component called anandamide, this feel-good molecule helps us to feel euphoric longer than sugar does. 

Considered the food of the gods, it has been used as food and medicine for thousands of years.  Cacao is full of antioxidants that help to reduce stress and help to protect us from free radicals. It can help to improve memory, feel-good feelings, and add a sense of vibrancy to our day or evening when we might want to add a little extra oomph in our lives 

Even though good quality chocolate has some great health benefits,  Ayurveda reminds us to eat it in moderation,  everything is about balance. The more chocolate we eat the more it stimulates and creates a rajasic overactive mind and brings extra heat to the body.

Ayurveda & Chocolate

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For all body constitutions, it's best to consume our delicious chocolate when agni  'the fire in the belly' our digestive fire is strong, which is best to eat before a meal or between eating. Be wary of eating chocolate in the evenings as it's likely to keep you awake. 

Raw cacao has a very bitter taste (rasa), a pungent aftertaste (vipaka), is light and dry, and has heating energy (virya). It is considered rajasic as it stimulates the mind and can be difficult to digest, so moderation is the key here.

We have used ingredients in accordance with the six tastes of Ayurveda, sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent in varying degrees for each flavour of chocolate. 

Dosha and Chocolate Choice

I have described below the chocolate choice for each dosha. It's a good idea to try each chocolate individually allowing the chocolate to melt on the tongue where the tastes are most active and experiencing the effect each one has on the emotion, thinking and physical aspects.

Our Prakriti is never changing but depending on the seasons, stage of life, stress levels etc, our Vikruti which is ever-changing can benefit from choosing a flavour that could help when necessary. Consider the concept of eating chocolate as adding a touch of spice to your day, remember that too much spice will spoil and overpower, we only need a little to change a recipe. We often have a range of different spices to offer different results, think about our Ayurveda Karma Chocolate in the same way. Keep a selection in your fridge and make the tasting of each one a magical wonderful awareness exercise.

It is said that the prabhava (specific action) of chocolate is magical, we can all do with a little magic in our lives. 

  “Look, there’s no metaphysics on earth like chocolate.”— Fernando Pessoa 

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The Chocolates, Tastes & Flavours

The Six Tastes of Ayurveda

Sweet = sw ~ Salty = st ~ Sour = s ~ Pungent = p ~ Bitter = b ~ Astringent = a 

Flavour Combinations

1) Coconut & Lemongrass ~ created for the Pitta Constitution. With the tantalising taste of sweet and cooling dominant notes and with varying degrees in order of taste importance, bitter, astringent, pungent, sour and salty.   Or just when you want a cool refreshing break in your busy day! 

with Mandarin, Salt & Shatavari 

70% Dark Chocolate 

"a rich chocolate taste, with lemony overtones and the coconut lingers on the tongue" Jayne 

2) Pistachio & Avocado ~ created for the Vata Constitution. With decadent creamy sweet & warming salty dominant notes and with varying degrees in order of taste importance, sour, astringent, pungent and bitter. Perfect for having a quiet indulgent reflection.

with Salt, Balsamic & Ashwagandha 

Milk Chocolate 

" creamy with a pistachio flavour and the feel of Shatavari on my tongue" Jayne

3) Chilli & Raspberry ~ created for the Kapha Constitution. With unexpected, exciting sharp, invigorating, spicy dominant notes and with varying degrees in order of taste importance, pungent, astringent, and bitter. Give yourself a punch to liven the taste buds.

with Turmeric, Salt & Triphala 

70% Dark Chocolate 

 " an exciting, stimulating taste, really liked it " Jayne

4) Tamarind & Banana ~ created for the Vata Constitution. With calmingly soft and contrasting sweet banana and tamarind dominant notes and with varying degrees in order of taste importance, sweet, salty and sour notes. A combination that will bring sweetness when a little comfort might be desired.

with Cardamom, Salt & Ashwagandha 

Milk Chocolate 

  " an interesting flavour with the dried banana pieces, softer feeling " Jayne

5) Ginger & Mandarin ~ created for the Kapha Constitution. With exotic warm pepper, spicy, and fruity dominant notes and with varying degrees in order of taste importance, pungent, bitter, and a touch of sweetness. When you need a little comfort with a dash of lift.

with Mandarin, Pepper, Salt & Triphala 

70 % Dark Chocolate 

 " the warmth lingers delightfully in the mouth" Jayne


6) Liquorice & Peppermint ~ created for the Pitta Constitution. With divinely soft and cooling sweet liquorice and gentle peppermint dominant notes and with varying degrees in order of taste importance, sweet, bitter, and astringent notes. When you need that little something, a little different, to reminisce with. 

Vanilla, Bergamot, Salt & Shatavari 

70 % Dark Chocolate 

  " complex with different flavours leaves a tantalising aroma in the mouth " Jayne

Ganache Colour Codes 

box of ganache.jpg

These are the finishes on the ganache balls. You will see from the picture that there is a simple decorative design on each flavour, in this picture you can see the design marking easily.

Coconut Lemongrass Mandarin DARK - white speckles, green lines

Pistachio Avocado MILK - green speckles milk

Chilli Raspberry Turmeric DARK - red line

Tamarind Banana Cardamom MILK - yellow line milk 

Ginger Mandarin Pepper DARK - yellow line dark 

 Liquorice Peppermint Vanilla Bergamot DARK - green speckles dark


There is only me and my long-suffering Kapha husband with one or two others who kindly help and support me, mainly I would give great appreciation to Sandra Cazchur who has been a great helping hand at all times on my Ayurveda Ventures.

We do not have fancy ordering systems and would appreciate your patience and understanding. 

Ordering Karma Chocolate Bars ~ here is the list of 6 Karma Bars, they are all £6.50 each bar. 

1) Coconut & Lemongrass

2) Pistachio & Avocado

3) Chilli & Raspberry

4) Tamarind & Banana

5) Ginger & Mandarin

6) Licorice & Peppermint

Ordering Karma Chocolate Ganache ~ we sell the ganache chocolates in a box with all six flavours, we cannot supply less than six for transport difficulties, but you can order, six of the same flavour or 2 each of a flavour, it's your choice but they are sent in the gorgeous boxes of six ganache.

Flavours as above, but in a potent mouthfull experience in a chocolate-filled ball of delight.   

Boxes of six divine ganache balls are £ 9.50 

Post and Packing

All orders are subject to Post & Packaging at cost, once you place your order via email we will calculate your postage costs and send you a message for payment. Goods cannot be sent without payment.

Here is the email address to order ~ or you are welcome to call me on 07818045393 and leave a message if I don't answer. 


Many thanks ~ Namaste 





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