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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions.

How do I get into the Membership?

You click on the join button and add your email address and your own password. You will automatically be told that you are successful and then you can click on the menu bar and enter the site.

 What does membership mean?

Ayurveda sees each season as important to our health and wellbeing. The site is updated regularly to offer you the most current information regarding foods and practices for the current season.


Is it all seasonal?

The Seasonal Guides are made clear but there is much more for you to browse, practice and learn from the main areas on the site.

  • Ayurveda & Rasayana
  • Ayurveda & Skin and Beauty
  • Food and Recipes
  • Special Reports & Programmes

Are just a few of the sections which are also updated regularly.

Once a member you are always a member unless you cancel yourself.

 How do I cancel my Membership?

You can cancel anytime by clicking on the 'cancel my membership ' link on the homepage. 

Example of Our Membership Information & New Member Welcome Letter

Dear New Member

We would like to welcome you to the At Home with Ayurveda Membership.

Please read the following information and we hope that you enjoy your journey into Ayurveda and daily living with the Science of Life.

You are welcomed into a wonderful way of living, you will be able to pick and choose from the content on the site to suit your own time commitments.

All the information given here is found in our terms and conditions section on our website.

Months and weeks are updated continually, so it’s always good to keep coming back to your resources at least weekly or even daily.

Ayurveda at Home is a dynamic site and responds to seasonal changes in a proactive manner, Vani/Linda updates daily and offers practical responses to any weather changes in the UK.

You will be reminded of new content and changes as you move through your membership period. Information is sent via email.

Visit the Whole Site
Please visit the whole site where you will find lots of information and extra recipes for living Ayurveda at Home. There is only one very small section that is open to non-members.

There are masses of information for members to explore.

Membership Rules
Please do not give anyone access to your membership details. We value your integrity on this, thank you.


How do I use the new site?
Your membership is open to you immediately and begins as soon as you sign in.

Your username and password will allow you to enter the site.

Go to the website and go to the login button, sign in with your details, you will be accepted into the site.

The site has lots of areas that you can explore and learn more about Ayurveda, some of the articles have videos with short explanations. You can browse and read that which is most interesting to you.

As a member, you will receive regular emails with new recipes and processes via the email given below. You can always ask not to receive these newsletters.

You may like to be connected to other members of our closed Facebook page, where you can interact and ask questions.

Here is the link

Once again welcome to the new membership and we hope that you will benefit.



And the development team x

PS. Look out for newsletters most weeks with reminders, special offers, motivation, Ayurveda recipes and processes.






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