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ROOTS, Lancaster

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ROOTS Lancaster
5, George Street, Lancaster LA1 1XQ
Friday 15th June 2018 Breakfast
A simple café offering food that is wholesome, healthy and affordable and offers a varied range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free dishes. 
The café was situated on a busy road but was bright and airy, clean and simple. There were a few separate tables and some sharing tables.
When we arrived the café was empty, it was only 9am on a Friday so to be expected. Dawn greeted us with a friendly smile whilst we had a look at the menu to decide what to have, a great selection of veggie and vegan dishes.

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I chose the Eggs Florentine – baked egg with spinach, cheese and tomato and had an almond milk latte. Kevin chose mushrooms on toast with poached eggs and a good old builder’s tea! When our breakfast arrived it looked great, my baked eggs were a little greasy for my liking though. Kevin was more than happy with his mushrooms on toast and two poached eggs too.

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There were no poached eggs on the menu but Dawn was happy to do poached eggs for Kevin, unfortunately they didn’t offer and refined sugar free options. The cutlery was really nice though, I do like it when the cutlery feels good in your hand.
Overall it was a very pleasant experience, friendly and welcoming. I would definitely go back and for £15.50 for the two of us a great price for breakfast. We sat for a while talking and didn’t feel we were rushed to leave.


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