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Quite Simply French, Lancaster

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Quite Simply French, Lancaster


27a St Georges Quay, Lancaster LA1 1RD
14th June 2018 Dinner 7.00pm
We walked along the river looking for the restaurant, a lovely sunny stroll. Unfortunately, the door was boarded up due to a previous incident so not the best entrance. You enter into a small bar area, we were then taken to our table. I had booked the table online and had mentioned that I was vegetarian – as we sat down the manager came over to go through the menu with me to explain how some of the choices could be adapted to vegetarian dishes -  although there were already a few options on the menu (2 appetisers, 2 starters, 2 mains). I had also asked about sugar free options but unfortunately none of their desserts were sugar free.
The area was clean and inviting, there were already a few tables seated and the restaurant was very busy. We were seated in a booth; the lighting was low and romantic.
We ordered our drinks and had some olives with them. I chose the British asparagus simply grilled with lemon hollandaise and croutons. For my main I had Linguine Gratin,sautéed wild mushrooms and spinach in a smoked blue cheese cream, tossed with linguine and brie ‘crème brûlée’ crust.

Quite Simply French Quite Simply French 3
The starter was OK, the croutons were like bullets though and didn’t really add anything to the dish. My main meal was far too rich and really didn't need all the brie that was placed on top – I guess that is the French way of cooking with rich sauces but I couldn’t finish my main meal for that reason (and another which I will explain later). Overall, it was a very mediocre taste, very rich and sickly, a dish I think I might make on a Tuesday evening if I fancied a pasta dish (without all the cheese and so much sauce!). The waitress also brought a complimentary dish of potatoes, which considering we had ordered a side dish of frites was definitely an overload of potato, but I guess a nice touch?

Quite Simply French 2

The manager told us that a French Chef opened the restaurant initially but the kitchen was now run by an English Chef who had trained in France. All of their seasonal produce comes from local suppliers within 50 miles of the restaurant.

Half way through my main meal I noticed the manager reaching over something, when I looked closer she was actually fishing out a lobster from a fish tank – this absolutely turned my stomach, I really couldn’t finish my meal and so we swiftly finished our drinks and left. It was just so sad to witness, and everyone seemed to be reveling in it. That alone would put me off ever visiting here again.
I left with a feeling of great sadness, imagining what that poor lobster was about to go through – makes me feel sick now just thinking of it.
Our bill came to £87 for 2 people.
I won’t be back….

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