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Modern Baker

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214a Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7BY

Friday 20th July 2018 - coffee & cake

My daughter lives in Oxford and once she told me about this 'sugar-free' cafe near her house I couldn't wait to visit, so when we visited recently we popped in after lunch to sample their sugar-free cakes!

The Modern Baker set out to bake the best bread in the world – not just delicious, but actively healthy too. Many of our staple foods have been demonised – often quite rightly. But there is good bread and there are good cakes, and Modern Baker make both.

Modern Baker 2

"Modern Baker is a Life Sciences business based in Oxford, England, determined to make a material difference to public health by changing the public’s eating habits for the better.

We pioneer a completely new approach that combines modern science, ancient technology and organoleptic excellence into Slow-Carb Baking – the commercial production of lower GI carbohydrates that are actively good for human digestion and gut health.

We have persuasive personal experience of the life-changing effects of intelligent diet. We’re also acutely aware that choice is taste-led, so we began as the UK’s first genuinely ‘Healthy Baking’ brand with ‘delicious’ in pole position."

I had previously bought the Modern Baker Cookery Book which inspired me even more to visit and it also gave an insight as to why Modern Baker was launched. Here is a snippet from their website:

"We began because Melissa became seriously ill. As with food, the ‘modern’ response seemed stuck in the recent past – and not all good for you.

Yet all animals instinctively know that the best medicine is the right food. For millions of years, humans did too.

So Melissa and Leo informed themselves. Experimented. Melissa became well. Drugs played their part, but without many of the supposedly inevitable side-effects. They were on to something.

Melissa and Leo recruited Lindsay, who was on to the same thing. They opened a shop/café in Oxford. People instinctively responded to what we were doing, irresistibly drawn what came out of the ovens.

People who hadn’t allowed themselves bread or cakes for years allowed themselves ours and felt better, healthier and happier, comfortable in proving what they’d always suspected: a little of what you fancy does a world of good to both body and soul. Providing, of course, it’s made with the right stuff."

When we visited it was quiet and we had a choice of seats, it is very small but you can takeaway! I chose an apple & walnut cake with cream cheese and an oat latte. The overwhelming feeling in the shop though was that whatever I chose, it was going to be refined sugar free - I was literally a kid in a sweet shop (sugar free of course).

Modern Baker 3


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