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De Bolhoed, Amsterdam

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de Bolhoed, Amsterdam

de Bolhoed4

de Bolhoed
Prinsengracht 62
25th June 2018 Late lunch 3pm
Once we arrived in Amsterdam and checked into our Hotel we were ready for a bite to eat. We were eating later in the evening with friends so didn’t want to eat a big lunch. We found de Bolhoed using google maps, we did walk past it at first as it wasn’t clear which door was the entrance – there were two! The restaurant is on Prisengracht canal in the Jordaan area and also has an outdoor eating area.

de Bolhoed1

You could say the décor is a bit ‘hippy’ from a bygone era, very relaxed and informal. There were plenty of vegetarian and vegan options, the service wasn’t the quickest it could have been and the staff not as attentive as they might have been but overall a pleasant experience. They offer a Vegan dish of the day too.  The table was clean, in a homely way, and rustic. We sat by the window looking out over to the canal and outdoor seating area.

de Bolhoed2 de Bolhoed3

Because we didn’t want a big meal we went for hummus and pitta bread, and I fancied a salad too. One would have been more than enough though, they were huge! It was very tasty and the salad had a few different things added to it, pickles, rice, olives etc.
I had a peppermint tea with mine and Linda had an Apple and Elderberry drink.
Interestingly they didn’t accept Visa or Mastercard, not sure if there was a reason for this, so we paid cash. Our bill came to £24.33


Mon-Fri 12:00 – 21:30
Sat 11:00 – 21:30
Sun 12:00 – 21:30

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