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Cantors Food Store, Chorlton

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Cantors Food Store, Chorlton

Cantors 1

72-74, Manchester Rd, Manchester M21 9PQ

Lunch - Friday 3rd August 2018

We had been shopping in our local Co-Operative Store 'Unicorn Grocery' and spotted a few people sat outside Cantors Food Store, we hadn't really noticed it before so thought we would give it a go. A quick google and their website claimed that the food is chef driven and seasonal which sounded good to us.

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Once inside it was fairly busy but we found a table and sat down. Once we had looked at the menu I went to look at the fabulous array of salads at the counter. There were nine salads on offer and you could choose four salads in either a regular sized plate for £7.50 or a large plate was £9.45. These salads change depending on the season and we chose eight of them between us, they were DELICIOUS! So tasty and full of flavour, spices and seasonings.

Cantors 2Cantors 3

There was a real community feel to the place, very relaxed and friendly staff. There was a long sharing table and a quirky 'decor', they also sold locally made produce.

Cantors 6Cantors 7

In the evenings they have live music, definitely worth another visit.

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