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Wise Earth Ayurveda ~ Pancha Karma (11) Level Two Intermediate

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Wise Earth Ayurveda: PANCHA KARMA (PART II)
Level Two Course : Intermediate

Sept  25th to 4th October (10days)
Arrive at 10 am, finish at 5 pm
Location: Mid Wales UK
Course Fees £2500

Wise Earth Ayurveda ~ Love Therapies

Snehana & Svedana ~ Preparatory Treatments prior to Pancha Karma

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Immerse yourself in the timeless traditions of Ayurveda with Vani Wise Earth Master Trainer.

Wise Earth Ayurveda has restored and is proud to offer training in the sadhana methodology of the earth-based approach to Pancha Karma (the five primordial processes of cleansing and rejuvenating body, mind, and spirit in accord with Mother Nature’s cosmic rhythms of lunar, solar, seasonal cycles).

The knowledge that Pancha Karma is based upon was handed down by the Vedic Seers, who recognized the universe’s energetic and subtle structures that composed human sentiency, and devised the methods to nourish, nurture and heal the body, mind, and spirit.

This in-depth course re-invokes the ancient wisdom practices of Ayurveda, where students study the ancient methods for snehana and svedana therapies. Both therapies will be studied as preparatory treatments to the five central therapies of Pancha Karma, as well as independently beneficial therapies to alleviate disease and re-establish excellent health of body, mind, and senses.

The central focus of Pancha Karma Part II is learning the abundance of snehana (oelation) and svedana (sudation) therapies that have been restored by Wise Earth into modern application.


You experience, learn and practice ancient methods in preparing and administering herbal compresses such as pinda sveda, (herbal/grain pouch rubbing/sudating the whole body), pichu (oelating the forehead), shirodhara- methodically dripping oil across the forehead in alignment with lunar rhythms; and steaming the body into supple wellness.

Students also learn and experience a series of therapeutic cleansing of the sense organs, along with Nasya Therapy, or nasal insufflation for excellent prana.

As in each Wise Earth course, we learn the beneficial sadhana practices for the guest or patient prior to beginning with these treatments.

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Wise Earth Ayurveda: PANCHA KARMA (PART II)
Level Two Course : Intermediate



Wise Earth Ayurveda ~ Love Therapies

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Snehana & Svedana ~ Preparatory Treatments prior to Pancha Karma

  • Observances for Guest Patient before starting Snehana Therapy
  • Applications of Snehana Therapies
  • Snehana Therapy & Marma Points for the Head
  • Routine Cleansing of the Sense organs
  • Nasya Therapy (nasal insufflation for excellent Prana)
  • Observances for Guest Patient before starting Svedana Therapy
  • Application of Svedana Therapies
  • Ayurveda Steam Therapies
  • Learning Outcomes
  • WEA Practitioner’s Daily Ablutions
  • WEA Teaching & Counseling Skills
  • WEA Practitioner Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats 

Clinical Application

25 Patient Encounters under the guided supervision of WEA Vani Master Trainer in a small group (with ten one-to-one patient encounters under observation by WEA Master Trainer

The cost of the course is £2500 for 10 days and includes all food and materials. The fee does NOT include accommodation.

Please contact us for booking and clarification.

email for information


Booking Details

  • 25th of September 2020 at 7:55pm Machynlleth. Wales. UK. 10 Days Tickets : £2,500.00 GBP / 6 Remaining