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The Wise Earth Ayurveda Food Breath and Sound Course in the UK

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Wise Earth Ayurveda ~ Food Breath and Sound Course 


June 10th to 14th 
Arrive at 10 am, finish at 5 pm
Location: Mid Wales
Course Fees £1250

The Unique Wise Earth Ayurveda Food, Breath & Sound programme is our wonderful daily living through love programme

Maya Tiwari is the founder of this wonderful Wise Earth Ayurveda lifestyle programme, designed to reignite us with our divine connection to Mother Earth.

One way is to begin to understand your place in the world, find answers to what's missing for you, rebuild that which somehow has got lost within you. All these things seem insurmountable, yet they are not, Mother Maya's beautiful flagship programme, brings us back into harmony with ourselves and the world around us.


Come back to your divine roots, to a world where you can find harmony? 

Food, Breath, and Sound is for everyone!

Whether you wish to develop as a Wise Earth Practitioner of Food, Breath & Sound or you wish to engage and learn the processes for yourself and your family, Wise Earth Ayurveda is the grassroots of healing and preventative health and is available for everyone.

Come to where you belong in a place of nurturing and Ayurveda education and leave us taking with you ancient divine processes that you can easily integrate into your own life.

The complete programme is taken over 5 days in 2020 with homework to complete 100 accredited hours.  This is carried via Skype calls, homework which is a completed portfolio of your experiences and sometimes day classes.

Once fully completed you have the exciting opportunity to become a Wise Earth Ayurveda Food, Breath & Sound Practitioner Level 1

We have limited numbers on these courses so that you will gain the most from your time with us.

Please read through all of the information below and then email us for booking inquiries.

Dates and Times

NEXT FOOD BREATH & SOUND DATES 2020  June 10th to 14th - Arrive at 10 am, finish at 5 pm. (held in Mid Wales)


(Cost of accommodation is NOT included. There are lots of places to stay in the area with various costs.

Practitioner Community Training Course

This course involves WEA 100 accreditation hours and includes accreditation and course portfolio.

Accommodation is NOT included.

The Practitioner status includes Wise Earth Ayurveda workbook, Skype calls, and additional support.

For Practitioner status, the full programme must be completed.

Course Fees £1250

Email to book here

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Divine Blissful Journey into the Nature of You - Nourishing love and life

The whole of this blissful course takes you on a journey of discovery, each weekend is complete in itself, yet the combined course is a truly life-altering process of divine connections.

If you choose to do the full course and are successful apply for Wise Earth Practitioner status. 

You will learn and practice the Sadhana of living

Wise Earth Ayurveda has restored the original meaning of Sadhana. Sadhana is a conscious everyday activity that replicates the sacred in nature, and so brings us into harmony with the great cycles of the cosmos.

Through your own journey of healing, you will come to discover Natures many healing aspects, her myriad of smells, sights, sounds, tastes and textures that will enliven every cell, tissue, and memory

We will emerge ourselves in these Sadhana life healing skills.

  • Sadhana - the open-handed spirit of giving
  • Sadhana - of food, food is memory
  • Sadhana - of sounds
  • Sadhana - of breath

Pear chutney.jpg

 We will enjoy the blissful programme filled with unique and memorable moments.

Divine healing foods, prayers of gratitude and healing, breath for clearing and clarity, sounds of the cosmos to deepen our experiences.

'Health and happiness is a state of living in harmony with nature as a whole and with our own basic natures. Because we are formed from nature and have a sympathetic resonance with her, only nature can heal us when we become ill.

We heal only through our innate powers of healing when we are in harmony with cosmic rhythms of nature's food, breath, and sound.

The disease of body and mind will not last when we are flowing in harmony with the rhythms of the cosmos, which sustain the material world with energy.'

Mother Maya

Each day is filled with exciting, processes, and experiences that nurture your body mind and spirit. There is plenty of time for exploring the area, walks or simply relaxing.

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Bring healing, love, and energy to your family, friends, and community

This is a course like no other, filled with practices to share with others. As a successful WEA Practitioner you can share this work with small groups in your community, or with your own group of clients, women's organisations, local clubs, etc. This is a course that once you have been trained that you can pass onto others, in community centres, churches or people's homes, that anyone can follow and then use in their own homes, with new confidence, using ingredients and practices that will heal and bring renewed joy.

We ask that you consider your 'audience' and offer these courses out of love and from your heart using these criteria to determine your charges. (This will be covered on the course)

A percentage of your fee for these WEA programmes go directly to WEA

'Learn through experience & remember forever'

This course is the foundation of all Wise Earth Ayurveda practices.

Email to ask questions

It includes the original Wise Earth Ayurveda sadhanas taught by Maya Tiwari for 30 years.

  • Join us as we engage in a “spiritual feast” to re-enliven body, mind, spirit, and intuition. Awaken the power of inner rhythm and memory, making healthy living natural. Learn how to awaken personal healing using Wise Earth Ayurveda's inner medicine practices. Support yourself and others.
  • Experience food prepared with the rhythmic, vibrational practices of spice grinding, whole grain preparation, cutting local organic vegetables in harmony with their lifelines for exhaulted flavor. Create delicious homemade chutneys that enliven your essential taste and make each meal exciting and flavorful.
  • Feel nourished by sacred intention and inner silence. Regain love and respect for food as a daily blessing. Participants study and contemplate nature’s rhythms to awaken memory. Observe nature to understand and experience balance.
  • Enjoy learning, and experiencing personal quiet time for integration.
  • Making oils and potions from the surrounding areas
  • Gain knowledge of prana through Vedic Chant, breathing practices and healing movement.
  • Leave with new confidence to embrace daily food, breath & sound practices, and share them with loved ones and in your community.
  • On completion of this course, you will be able to share and teach others in your community
  • Opportunity for continued support on your journey

Education includes:

  • Ayurveda's first Dharma-Ahimsa
  • Cosmic Anatomy
  • Experiential, cognitive & Cosmic Memory
  • Reclaiming the Limbs of Sadhana
  • The Wise Earth Ayurveda Food Sadhanas
  • The 6 Tastes-Food Energetics-The Six seasons
  • WEA Cooking Lessons
  • Wise Earth Ayurveda Inner Medicine Healing Principles
  • Lunar/Solar Breath
  • Wise Earth Vedic chants.
  • NAMA recognised course - 100 credit hours
  • Fee includes food each day
  • Includes a comprehensive workbook for Practitioners
  • Ayurvedic meals all vegetarian.

Email us here to book or make an enquiry 

Booking Details

  • 10th of June 2020 at 9:30am Machynlleth. Wales. UK. 5 Days Tickets : £1,250.00 GBP / 6 Remaining