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Vastu Shastra ~ The Science of Home

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Vastu Shastra ~ The Science of Home

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Vastu is the science of space or it has been called the 'yoga of space', it involves the science of directions that includes all the 5 elements of human, nature, and materials.

The meanings are varied as all Sanskrit words cannot easily be translated to suit our western language.

Vastu means the Science of dwellings, architecture, space, directions, home, interiors etc

Shastra means the teaching, learning, wisdom of ...

In awareness of Vastu, we create dwellings that are holistic, comfortable and healing to the occupants by using the benefits of the 5 elements called Panchbootha. The ancient sages knew how to align with these energies to create health and prosperity.

This lost ancient practice brings about new realms of connection to

our homes and families

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All objects in this world, either with a definite shape or without shape, are composed of these five elements and are embraced and cooperated with to create the best and healthiest space.

The world is made up of these 5 basic elements and man is capable of identifying all the objects of this world only through his five sense organs involving five basic elements.

A Special Intention for this Weekend 

Do you have an altar or your own place of gratitude or worship, or place of reflections? It doesn't have to be religious in any way.

Vastu Shastra has specific guidelines and the room with your special place is considered one of the most important and integral parts of your home.

However, if its placement is not right then the intentions will not be heard and the desired results will not manifest.

In order to enhance the positive energy of your home it is important to design the space and altar as well as its position carefully according to the principles of Vastu.

We will create the most auspicious space, maybe an altar or a place of energy, with Vastu intentions to bring the optimum energy to your special designated place.

Vastu reminds us that we and our homes are created from the same elements that connect us to nature's energy.

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Delivered by Linda Bretherton, the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda Master Trainer 

Vastu Shastra tells us, like Ayurveda, that we are all made from the elements of the universe, we are all connected to nature's forces.
Vastu reminds us that our homes are energetically connected to that same energetics.

Vastu Reflection

Vastu becomes an interesting reflection, if you have a glitzy shiny home environment and you are willing to look a little deeper, it will tell you what you find important.

Fashion colours and statements offer the same quality to reflect upon.

None is wrong, but like the Inner Self, if you indulge against the 'nature' of yourself and nature's messages you will manifest disease.

It's exactly the same in our dwellings.

There are some things we cannot change in our buildings, so we will learn to create the most beneficial Vastu within our unbalanced spaces, by considering the guidelines and adapting our homes to bring cooperation into our interiors.

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Dates & Accommodation

25-26 May 2019
6-7 July 2019 

Held in Llandudno, overlooking the Great Orme and close to the beach in North Wales.

The cost of the course is £250 for both days Sat/Sun and includes accommodation and food.

There is the opportunity to arrive the evening before and leave the following morning for a charge of £25 per night B&B.

People are put in touch with each other prior to the course to organise travel etc.

£50 deposit

Email for payment and questions

Booking Details

  • 26th of May 2019 at 9:30am llandudno. Wales Tickets : £250.00 GBP / 8 Remaining