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Bojan Vidakovic Vedic Astrologer

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Bojan Vidakovic Vedic Astrologer


I cannot tell you how delighted I am to have Bojan on board as one of our regular contributors, I have worked with other Jyotish Astrologers and Bojan is an expert and comes to us with excellent references and qualities.

Bojan will be posting for our members at least once a month with fascinating information to be found it this beautiful ancient practice.

Here is Bojan's Bio

Bojan is a Jyotish guru of Serbian origin who lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. With more than 15 years of working in the field of Jyotish, Bojan has given many lectures, facilitated courses and consulted numerous clients worldwide. Bojan regularly contributes articles to magazines, blogs and websites in English, German and Serbian. He is currently studying an Advanced Jyotish Course, “Parashara Hora Sastra”, held in Himalayas, India.

He lives in Frankfurt, Germany with his wife and two children.

Bojan started his journey when he was 16 with Meditation and other advanced techniques he started learning Jyotish in 2001 in a tradition of Sri Acyutananda Das and has been teaching and doing readings since 2004.

Bojan describes Jyotish 

Jyotiṣh is the Sanskrit word for “Astrology.” According to Ayurveda, the most important qualities of  Jyotiṣh is to understand the passages of time. By knowing the time, Jyotish indirectly gives us a glimpse of the different phases of time: past, present and future Jyotish has the ability to reveal and enlighten.

Jyotish as a term is translated as “Creators light” and being Vedanga it represents the “Eyes of Veda”. This is a very sophisticated and profound form of astrology originating in the ancient many thousands of years old Vedic traditions in the territory of modern India.

Jyotish describes planets and their influences on our lives which are depicted at the point of our birth in a form of a Chart called Kundali.

The biggest benefits of Jyotish are valuable clues to understand our life journey, transform or minimize challenges, optimize our full potential and enjoy life in its fullness. Careful observing of life periods, Jyotish as “Eye of Veda” enables us to make good choices resulting in positive reactions in a future.

Understand our Lifes Journey 
Transform Challenges
Optimise Our Full Potential 
Enjoy Life to its Fullest

The Vedic system of astrology offers practical remedial measures helping us to overcome times and areas of difficulty and give us the strength to evolve and create happiness and success in every field of life.

Suggested remedies can be in the form of mentoring, inner work, colours, gems, mantra, yantra, food, fasting etc.

If you would like to have a unique reading, Bojan will do personal readings and the types and costs are as follows.

Types of Readings 

Consultations are done individually or with your love/business partner depending on type.

There are few options for doing the reading and those are:

Advanced Reading

Complete reading – this reading includes checking and rectification of birth time, birth chart overview, questions regarding any life field, examining past, present and future periods, special problems, love and marriage, career, spiritual growth, curses and providing advice and any specific suggested remedies that can be required.

Regular price 124 GBP - for Members 97 GBP 

Shorter General Reading

General reading – includes a brief overview of the most important life fields and three important questions. Examining persons present problem and suggesting necessary remedies.

Regular price 97 GBP- for Members 61 GBP 

Payments to be made in advance via Pay Pal


For your personal reading, I will require your birth details the place, birthdate and time of birth. If you would like a Complete Reading I will need some further life details in order to find your correct birth time.

Other Types of Readings

There are some other reading types too as 'Muhurta' or finding the best time for a wedding, buying a property or starting any other important activity; 'Namah Karan' - naming a child, choosing the best name for our company etc.

What to do Now

 In the first instance, you should go to the closed Facebook Page and express your interest. You will need to be a Member of this site to take advantage of these readings.

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