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Chakra Clearing Ceremony

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Chakra Clearing/Healing Ceremony & Pichu 


'When you touch the celestial in your heart, you will realise that the beauty of your soul is so pure, so vast and so devastating that you have no option but to merge with it. You have no option but to feel the rhythm of the universe in the rhythm of your heart'

There are seven major chakras identified & agreed upon by most systems of subtle energy healing.

Chakras is a Sanskrit word, which means wheel. Your subtle chakra energy is spinning all the time and works as a transformer of energies from one plane to another.

According to Ayurveda Philosophy, the chakras function on several levels simultaneously, starting from having an effect on the physical level having an effect on the endocrine glands and organs associated. Chakra deeply affects the nervous system, then, onto the etheric level, emotional level, mental level and then higher spiritual levels.

The chakras directly take in cosmic energies and transform it for use at all levels, according to Ayurveda they also transforming physical energies to use at the higher levels.
In essence, chakras are like vortices, and the direction of spinning of chakra is very important.

Negative thoughts, wrong diet and lifestyle, staying in a very negative environment can affect the direction of spinning resulting in problems at all levels. The energy flow of the chakra can be affected by many other events like prenatal, at birth or childhood emotional injuries, shocks, extreme conditions of living, torture, illnesses, wrong medicines, relationship problems, electromagnetic and chemical pollution. There can be fracture, rent or dent in the charka. All or some of these factors can limit our expression of total self and be the cause of major illnesses.

In the Chakra Ceremony, your chakras are measured by a pendulum and recorded for your benefit to take away and reflect on. Then using a divine selection of Chakra Stones which have been blessed in the Sacred Navaro River for purity, the ceremony continues with a Chakra Balancing, Clearing, Healing Process.


This ceremony followed by Pichu that offers calming, clearing and grounding aftercare are to connect with Mother Earth and provide a place of earthly bliss.

Pichu is a Snehana process which follows your Chakra Ceremony and helps to balance and ground the Doshas and bring calmness to the body and mind. Pichu adds to the benefits of Chakra Clearing,

Finish with Far Deep Infra Red

'Sitting in the Infra Red Cabin feels like being on a beach with the sun shining penetrating my body'

Far Infrared Treatment stimulates cellular metabolism which increases the body’s regenerative ability and helps restore the proper function of the nervous system. When any tissue in the body is exposed to FIR the body’s healing processes are activated.

Studies suggest Far Infrared Energy helps to maintain general health and prevent disease.

Far Infrared Rays are capable of penetrating deep into the human body, gently expanding capillaries and stimulating blood circulation.

Far Infrared Rays stimulate the production of cell tissue and rapidly promotes the regeneration of skin and blood tissue.

Far Infrared Rays Are Waves of Energy

Far Infrared Rays are waves of energy that are healing and rejuvenating. These invisible rays possess great penetrative power and are able to reach deep into the cells, inner tissues, glands, nerves and organs beneath the skin.

Far Infrared Rays gently elevate the body’s temperature and activate major bodily functions.

The experience in the clinic usually lasts up to 2 hrs.


You will be required to fill in a questionnaire to help me to determine your Dosha and state of mind. I purchase and prepare oils and herbs specific to suit you, this must be done at least 24 hrs prior to your appointment for herbs to infuse, in the oils. Please bring a hat or scarf to wear for when you leave the clinic, this will help to protect you from chills and external influences. Also, bring along a hand towel to have on your shoulders as the oil can drip after your treatment onto your clothes.

Payment -

A non-refundable payment must be made in full on booking and there is a 40% refund if cancelled 48hrs prior to booking. There are no exceptions to this.

The cost is currently £65 payment to be made via Pay Pal. My PP account is - Email me to book a day and a time at


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