Why have a scan?

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Why have a scan?

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Many reasons

There are many different reasons why people choose to have a scan. For some people, they are curious to know about their health and to have accurate information that they would not normally have access to. Some people feel unwell and would like to have a scan to offer them deeper information that they can take to their own doctor or practitioner. Others who are interested in the chakra system are curious to find out more about their energy levels and have them balanced.

Scans are for those who want to be healthy and know more about their body.

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Five Reasons

1) You may be curious the same as me and want to have some control over what may be happening in your body.

2) You may be experiencing symptoms that are causing you to be concerned and would welcome an MRA Scan to give you information that you can act upon.

3) Maybe you want a more in-depth MRA Scan so that you can ask your doctor to offer further guidance, tests or treatment.

4) You are aware of the importance of energy levels on your body and a Chakra Scan will give you information to understand where you may need to improve your Chakra Energy.

5) You understand how the body works at its optimum when your energy is flowing well, the Meta Therapy from the Bodysonic will help to balance the bodies energy levels.

My Own Story ~ It may be useful to tell you why I had a scan. I had been told about it in the UK and was curious to know more and when I visited South Africa where many practitioners have them in their clinics I decided to have one. As an Ayurveda Consultant, I wondered if it would be helpful for my own clients too.

Initially curious I also found that whilst in South Africa my energy levels were not great and I felt sluggish and tired, I put this down to travel, different foods and the change in weather, so it felt like a good opportunity to see how the Bodysonic worked and to maybe get some health information as well.

I was completely amazed at the way the Bodysonic Scan works, in the clinic, I had headphones whilst the machine did a full body scan, the practitioner explained how it worked, using highly advanced technology to measure the energy levels of all organs, tissues, blood, bone structure, chakra's, hair, teeth, in fact, measuring all of the body in about an hour. 

As an Ayurveda Practitioner, I like to practice what I preach, eating good quality food, drinking herbal drinks and doing moderate exercise, but I was shocked with the results and also very pleased to know more about what was going on within my body.

Disease Creeps up on us 

My scan flagged up several gut issues with parasites that were draining my body of energy, I'm aware of how the body reacts to different environments and situations but because disease creeps up on us from stressful times in our lives, we can never know what's lurking to create disease in our bodies.

I worked with the Bodysonic practitioner to evaluate and suggest what needed to be done and felt much more empowered to do what was needed to clear things and get me back on form.

Meta Therapy 

The Bodysonic provides Meta Therapy which offers electromagnetic frequencies to targeted areas, to help the body to come back into balance and begin its own healing process, I definitely wanted some of that.

After my appointment, I was told that I could send a sample of my hair or a nail clipping when I get back to the UK and that they could check on my progress!! I was so impressed, that I bought the machine and did 3 days training whilst I was there.

I brought the Bodysonic MRA Scanner back to the UK and completed my training. You can read other peoples testimonials in this section.

I look forward to giving you some answers to your own health so that you too can make choices about how to move forward in creating optimum health for yourself.

Booking a Scan

In the first instance please email me here with any questions or to book a Bodysonic MRA Scan as soon as possible.

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