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Bodysonic MRA 


Know your health status. Manage your health.
Magnetic Resonance Angiogram ~ MRA

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The BodySonic magnetic resonance angiogram (MRA) is a highly effective scanning device that analyses your health and empowers you to manage it better. The device performs body scans that reveal the energy levels of each organ, gland, and system in your body. This scan detects anomalies in your organs that other medical technologies may miss so you can take important steps to improve your health that you hadn’t considered before.

A scan is ideal if you’re unsure about your current health and are looking for answers to personal concerns and to make health a priority. It’s very useful if you are chronically ill and wish to approach medical professionals with a more detailed description of what may be causing your illness.

Meta Treatment

The BodySonic MRA isn’t just a diagnostic tool, however; we can treat certain health problems with it, too, by using a form of electronic resonance therapy called Meta Therapy, which encourages the body to bring about its own healing. The BodySonic MRA may seem like a mystic, out-there type of approach, but it’s far from that. The creators have used scientific research to help them develop this technology and health practitioners in other parts of the world are working with the device. Originally developed in Russia the Bodysonic MRA is a cutting-edge radionics scanning technology

There is currently only one BodySonic MRA machine in the UK. This is a unique diagnostic tool and can provide answers about your health problems even when you feel there aren’t any.

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How the scans work ~

The beauty of the scans is that they’re completely non-invasive.

We do most scans remotely and you provide a strand of hair or a nail clipping as a DNA sample by sending it through the post, or you can have a scan done in person where we use a special set of headphones. A scan lasts around 45 mins or, and it then takes approx. 4 hours or more which includes research and suggested diagnostics, followed by online consultation.

 The scan will measure the energy levels of organs and highlight any low energy levels, which suggests there is a health issue of some kind.

 Scans can reveal a host of issues and elements, such as:

·         Existing health problems.

·         Damaged tissues.

·         Pollutants.

·         Impending ailments or health conditions.

·         Stress or psychological problems.

·         Allergies.

·         Parasites.

·         Microorganisms.

During the scan, a computer will display your organs, one by one, and give information regarding their energy fields. You’ll learn about your organs, and their functions and, more importantly, acquire new knowledge about the general state of your health. You can then use this new knowledge to empower you to manage your symptoms more effectively or to work with your GP and other medical professionals to address medical issues.

Using the BodySonic Scan as a treatment

Although the BodySonic is a scanning device, we can also use it to treat health problems. You can choose different types of scans with accompanying therapy.

Each of the body’s organs vibrates at its own frequency, but if an organ has extremely low energy levels, the BodySonic will generate the corresponding frequency to activate it. Really, this is a function of the brain, but if an illness or trauma is stopping the brain from carrying out this duty, the BodySonic will do this for you.

 One example where this would be useful is if you were to eat too much sugar. The brain activates the pancreas to create sugars, but because you’ve fed your body artificial sugars from an external source, it learns to stop activating the pancreas. As a result, you may develop diabetes.

 The BodySonic MRA is one of the most extensive comparison computerised health analysis systems on the market as it reveals symptoms, psychological problems, micro-organisms, allergies, parasites, and pollutants in the body and can assist with suggesting medication remedies that are safe and compatible with the client's health profile.

Range of Bodysonic Scans


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The science behind energy medicine 



We use the BodySonic to provide health scans remotely and to provide Meta Therapy, we also offer advice and suggestions regarding the results from your diagnostics.

Booking a Scan

In the first instance please email me here with any questions or to book a Bodysonic MRA Scan as soon as possible.  Types of Scan 

They are used by qualified health practitioners in other parts of the world. 

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