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Testimonial 1

"I was initially a little sceptical but intrigued to find out whether the bioscanner might identify issues relating to symptoms I have been experiencing. The science behind this sounds fascinating.

To put it mildly, I was absolutely stunned at the accuracy in the report Linda presented to me, providing detail she simply could not have been aware of.

I've now had a detailed analysis of my priority areas and with Linda's detailed, calm, supportive approach to exploring the findings, I feel comfortable with the suggested next steps to lead me towards a long term resolution.

I feel very relieved to have the opportunity to take simple but crucial steps towards better health and fitness...Thanks, Linda"


Testimonial 2

"Taking minimal information, either face to face or remotely, Linda runs a scan on bio scanner to the agreed level of detail. The scan output is then analysed at a multi-faceted level to identify priority areas to be addressed. Suggestions are then presented to work towards reducing the issues by avoiding or introducing foods and/or therapies as appropriate.

The diagnosis process is amazing and proved it's self by my results showing conditions I was aware of but Linda wasn't. "


Testimonial 3

"Well, my energy levels have definitely increased! Yesterday I decluttered the office, it was in desperate need but I have been avoiding it. Then I started on the dressing room upstairs, sorting Kevin’s clothes first. Then we moved bedrooms!! Today we were out walking at 6.30 am which was wonderful, appreciating Mother Nature 🌿 we came home and have been in the garden ALL day! Had a little incident trigger me yesterday but being able to feel it and not go into suffering helped (that’s more to do with your PsychoVeda group really). Generally following the advice you gave me, sleeping so well too - usually, I’m up in the night. So, all in all, I feel much better thank you 🙏"


Bodysonic MRA Electromagnetic Scans with Meta Therapy

Bodysonic MRA Electromagnetic Scans with Meta Therapy 


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