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Lots of Testimonials ~


Testimonial 1

I was initially a little sceptical but intrigued to find out whether the bioscanner might identify issues relating to symptoms I have been experiencing. The science behind this sounds fascinating.

To put it mildly, I was absolutely stunned at the accuracy in the report Linda presented to me, providing detail she simply could not have been aware of.

I've now had a detailed analysis of my priority areas and with Linda's detailed, calm, supportive approach to exploring the findings, I feel comfortable with the suggested next steps to lead me towards a long term resolution.

I feel very relieved to have the opportunity to take simple but crucial steps towards better health and fitness...Thanks, Linda"



Testimonial 2

"Taking minimal information, either face to face or remotely, Linda runs a scan on bio scanner to the agreed level of detail. The scan output is then analysed at a multi-faceted level to identify priority areas to be addressed. Suggestions are then presented to work towards reducing the issues by avoiding or introducing foods and/or therapies as appropriate.

The diagnosis process is amazing and proved it's self by my results showing conditions I was aware of but Linda wasn't. "



Testimonial 3

"Well, my energy levels have definitely increased! Yesterday I decluttered the office, it was in desperate need but I have been avoiding it. Then I started on the dressing room upstairs, sorting Kevin’s clothes first. Then we moved bedrooms!! Today we were out walking at 6.30 am which was wonderful, appreciating Mother Nature 🌿 we came home and have been in the garden ALL day! Had a little incident trigger me yesterday but being able to feel it and not go into suffering helped (that’s more to do with your PsychoVeda group really). Generally following the advice you gave me, sleeping so well too - usually, I’m up in the night. So, all in all, I feel much better thank you πŸ™"



Testimonial 4

Hi Linda - thank you for the full Biosonic MRI and the Cool and Calm 7 day programme. Both have been very useful. I lost 3lbs during the 7 day programme. To put that in context, in recent weeks, my weight loss has averaged 1.9lbs and so this was a great uplift. I have loved the food and its been a great introduction to plant based meals that I haven't tried before. The Biosonic MRI was extremely helpful and informative. I notice that I am sleeping better and pain in my lower legs and has reduced. The results are encouraging to focus on eating more plant based foods and I have started an exercise routine. Linda  thank you for your life changing consultancy.

Arah Perrett


Testimonial 5

I was intrigued to find out whether the body scanner might identify issues relating to symptoms I have been experiencing. To put it mildly, I was absolutely stunned at the accuracy in the report Linda presented to me, providing detail she simply could not have been aware of

Dave Jones


 Testimonial 6

I recently had a bodysonic-scan with Linda. I have been struggling with some health issues for a while and wanted to get to the route of what may be happening. I was looking for a more holistic approach, but first I wanted to see what potentially was going on so I thought I would try a bodysonic-scan.
 You are asked to send a cutting from your hair and then you get a scan date booked in. My scan was at home and very relaxing which was a bonus, as on the day you are asked to just spend a quiet hour by yourself away from pets and family. So I treated it as an opportunity for me time.
 The consultation afterwards was mind-blowing really and very illuminating, the accuracy of the report was amazing. I feel empowered knowing the areas I need to work on and I felt like I had a little understanding as to why things had not been quite right. It is just the beginning as I now work on the areas that came up for me with a more holistic approach. The insights, findings, advise the whole process in fact has been so valuable and I can not thank Linda enough for her support, kindness, and advice. I feel like with all the findings, advice and support I am now able to take steps myself towards greater health.


 Testimonial 7

After experiencing horrendous head pains, weight gain, bloating, eczema appearing, low mood and reoccurring hot flushes I knew my body was badly out of balance. As with many people, lockdown had been challenging for me with an added strain of my mother being diagnosed with terminal cancer in March and then dying in JuneπŸ˜₯ πŸ™ the yoga teacher in me reached out for a holistic answer and I am so grateful that I found Linda.
Her Ayurvedic knowledge and wisdom coupled with her empathy immediately knew what treatments could be helpful.  I was intrigued about the body sonic scan and joined cool and alkaline program immediately. Soon after I booked a scan.
To say I was astonished and relieved by the results of the scan is an understatement. Her personal analysis and subsequent analysis of the scan was very detailed and made so much sense. It even revealed areas that I had been 'managing' for several years and those I hadn't realised were potentially an issue.  Considering I had only just met Linda and my cry of help to her was 'I just feel unbalanced and my body doesn't feel like it is mine', I was amazed at the accuracy and details.
It has been five weeks since the scan and seven since joining the alkaline program and I feel great. I have my body back, the head pains and flushes have stopped and the excess weight has dropped off. I am still working with Linda on my emotional and mental health but feel I am in a positive frame of mind to actually deal with it now.
Thank you Linda so much for giving me the opportunity to listen to my body and work holistically to take positive action to look after myself with compassion.  I would not hesitate to recommend her health programs and the incredible body sonic scan.

Jayne Wilson πŸ’–πŸ™

Testimonial 8

I had never heard of the Bodysonic Scan but after reading about it on Linda’s website I was intrigued to find out more. The scan was done remotely, I hadn’t spoken to Linda or given her any of my health history, basically she knew nothing about me.
The results, well what can I say, I was absolutely blown away at the sheer accuracy in the report. It identified past issues that had been resolved long ago that I had forgotten about! Linda was excellent, very thorough in her analysis and feedback and she gave me some excellent advice.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone having a scan.

Gail x


Testimonial 9

Wow wow, what a fabulous scan I had with Linda Bretherton this afternoon. One to one attention learning & listening what my body needs.
Fabulous to know areas that I need to nurture love & look after. To be reminded of a concussion I had when I was 8 years old. Not know it was concussion amazing.wow.
Feel so grateful to Linda dedicating herself to this amazing & knowledgeable work.
With Linda’s help I’m aware of what holistic healing that is needed, she will kindly put together a list of powders etc.
Best money I have spent on myself all year.
If you don’t know what you want for Xmas, this is the best gift you could give yourselves. β€οΈπŸ’•πŸŒˆβ­οΈ

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