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A client Bodysonic scan story 

Sandra's Story 

Let's begin at the beginning, where Sandra posted her strands of hair.
And maybe she can tell us what she felt, what was going on in her thinking at this time?

Sharing my experience of my first Chakra Scan with Linda.

"Initially, Linda needed me to send her a cutting of my hair, which I duly did with some apprehension I might add… What will it reveal? Will all my chakras be blocked? Will it work? Will it be OK? etc. etc. etc……. Nevertheless, I believed in it and posted my cutting.

Once Linda received it, we made an appointment for this morning. Again, some apprehension about what would be revealed when I woke up this morning. I will also mention I have joined Linda’s PsychoVeda Live paid group and the shamanic journeys we have been doing are really useful, along with lectures on various things. One of those lectures talked about our expectations and I had certainly added a lot of expectations to this chakra scan, mostly negative which is such a shame.

Before connecting online with Linda, I was asked to be still and quiet for an hour, I found this really useful as this also brought up some things. Once it got to 11 am I was ready to connect via Facebook messenger with Linda. Linda explained everything clearly and then went through the results of my chakras, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised as my chakras were not blocked and were mostly low numbers as opposed to high numbers which would indicate an imbalance. How amazing is that? The results showed amongst other things that my base and sacral chakras were being ‘stubborn’ and that with some tools Linda has told me about I can work towards changing that. It also covered different areas for example what this meant physically and also what fears I was showing. Both of these were absolutely spot on and I am not surprised at all. It was good to get some clarification on my fears and I now feel energised and ready to start working on myself.

There was so much more involved, but this gives you a little snippet of it. From my initial chakra reading to the reading results after Linda had used the resonance therapy my chakras had improved; I am looking forward to seeing what changes come about after I really take on board what Linda has suggested. This was all about the energetics, but I am now looking forward to booking a full body scan when the time is right. Thanks for reading this far, I just wanted to share the experience with you all, so you get an idea of what’s involved, I know I was apprehensive beforehand, but I had absolutely no reason to be, it was all very informative."

Sample arrives

I received the letter and open the contents using tweezers and ensured all the surfaces I work on will not be contaminated.
Sandra sent me a lovely card, nice.
Sandra doesn't know this process, so it's great for her to see what happens


I need to prepare the hair for analysis by creating a clean, contaminate free base on which to put the hair, using breathable microporous tape to allow DNA to travel through into the receptacle connected to the Biosonic MRA machine

Hair in cup.jpg


Next, I will do a Chakra Scan to see what's going on, this is a diagnosis and gives me some answers so that I am able to do further research.

I knew Sandra was nervous and was interested to see what came up for her.
A picture of her Chakra Analysis Scan is below and you can see the numbers on the figure.
As a simple guide, but not comprehensive, that comes from the consultation afterwards.

Chakra 1 is overactive
Chakra 2 is balanced
Chakra 3 is coming out of balance and could be rectified fairly easily depending on the issues, if they are deeply embedded, and may need more work.
The numbers rise to 6 which is problematic and will have entered the physical body creating disease.
This would need a lot of attention.

As you can see from Sandra's scan her Chakras, which is the energy and auric level, is pretty balanced.

Chakra scan.jpg

Meta therapy

The next stage is where I would provide Meta Therapy which I have done 6 times to help to bring into balance the chakra levels.

The lower Chakras were a bit stubborn but the upper Chakras improved after Meta Therapy which is done via the machine remotely.

Meta therapy lightens the energy, brings the body into balance, increasing the bodies own energy system to encourage balance and healing in the system.

After this has been done, I then research areas that need more attention. I also check what is suggested to bring the Chakra energy into balance.

This includes fears, allergies, stresses, emotions etc.

Suggestions, for example, colours, lithotherapy, sound, music, herbs, environmental issues etc.

Following this, we have our face to face consultation online. 


The next step is to have a booked consultation with Sandra via messenger, WhatsApp or Skype to discuss the findings.

It's always interesting to have people's responses when I describe things that they know I could not have known. Like a broken ankle from years ago or a problem that they know about but I would never know.

It's a fascinating process.

During this time I offer suggestions that would help to bring into balance either physical aspects or in this case the Chakras.

online consultations.jpg

In 3 wks or a month or so, Sandra can book in to have her Chakras rechecked and to see how things are going.

The Chakra Scan is about the aura and energy levels and a great way to start on the Bodysonic MRA Scanner, the next step would be a full-body scan which will tell us about the whole body, organs, tissues etc.

I'm sure Sandra will let us know how she is doing and feeling over the next few wks, see her message below a week later.

Thanks, Sandra for letting me post your story.

A week later 

"Well, my energy levels have definitely increased! Yesterday I decluttered the office, it was in desperate need but I have been avoiding it. Then I started on the dressing room upstairs, sorting Kevin’s clothes first. Then we moved bedrooms!! Today we were out walking at 6.30am which was wonderful, appreciating Mother Nature 🌿 we came home and have been in the garden ALL day! Had a little incident trigger me yesterday but being able to feel it and not go into suffering helped (that’s more to do with your PsychoVeda group really). Generally following the advice you gave me, sleeping so well too - usually, I’m up in the night. So, all in all, I feel much better thank you "🙏

Booking a Scan

In the first instance please email me here with any questions or to book a Bodysonic MRA Scan as soon as possible.

Types of scan

They are used by qualified health practitioners in other parts of the world. 


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