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Dog Scans


 Animal scans are incredibly effective and I include Meta Treatment, which most animals respond to very well. You can book further Meta treatment after your scan.

This is a Full Animal Scan that takes up to 3 hrs and includes a 1 hr consultation. 

This full scan gives us an overview prognosis of all the main organs in the animal and will flag up any anomalies that are found throughout. Your dog will often feel the effects of scanning and appear quieter and more relaxed.

It's often a good idea to give me as much information as you can prior to the scan and where you wish me to focus so that I can direct my research in the best direction.

 The Bodysonic is very accurate and will inform us even in this quick scan problems with some suggestions and recommendations as to how long it has been a problem or if it is a warning that requires attention before it becomes chronic.

You may find that in some cases you will want to do further research when a specific area shows problems. This ongoing research is charged by the hour.

 During your consultation, I will suggest ways in which you may wish to go forward with health, food, and herb suggestions where I can.

Includes :

Preparing the Scan

Processing the Animal Full Body MRA Research Diagnostics

Scan Interpretation

Consultation online

£150 Includes consultation

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