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Different Types of Scan & Costs

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Different Types of Bodysonic MRA Scans



Know your health blueprint

The BodySonic is an incredible diagnostic machine that will bring awareness and an accurate diagnosis of the body, organs energy levels and anomalies.

Below I've explained the levels of scans and service.


 Full Body Health Scan 

A comprehensive Full Body Scan takes up to 5 hrs and includes an 1hr  consultation.

This looks at everything including pathogens, the brain and includes Meta Therapy.

This full scan will give an full prognosis on all the organs in the body and will flag up any anomalies that are found throughout the whole system.

The Bodysonic is very accurate and will inform us of any problems with some suggestions and recommendations as to how long it has been in the body or if it is a warning that requires attention before it becomes chronic.

This scan will flag up and give us indications of toxins, allergies, parasites, but for a deeper scan in the areas, of the stomach and intestines we would need to go to the stomach scan below. 

During your consultation, I will suggest ways in which you may wish to go forward with health, food, herb suggestions where I can.

Includes :

  • Preparing the Scan
  • Processing the Full Body MRA Research Diagnostics
  • Scan Interpretation
  • Six Meta Therapy Processes - with your permission
  • Consultation online

£300 Includes consultation and Meta Therapy 


Stomach/Intestinal Scan

The BodySonic intestinal scan is one of the most important areas we can target with the scan.

The gut holds more answers to our health than many understand. The main area of gut health change are shifts in stomach acid, gut immunity and gastrointestinal for the complex ecosystem of bacteria in your digestive system. When gut health is good, you're less likely to experience damaging inflammation and symptoms described below and problems with immunity in the body.

This scan takes two hours. Results will only be on Stomach/Intestines. This scan can flag up lots of problems which may require more investigation. 

Signs of an unhealthy gut

Upset stomach. Stomach disturbances like gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and heartburn can all be signs of an unhealthy gut.

There are so many different symptoms, including ~

  • Sugar cravings
  • Unintentional weight changes.
  • Sleep disturbances or constant fatigue.
  • Skin problems. 
  • Autoimmune conditions. 
  • Food intolerances.
  • Tiredness/Fatigue 
  • Insomnia


  • Preparing the Scan
  • Processing Stomach/Intestinal Area MRA Research Diagnostics
  • Scan Interpretation 
  • Six Meta Therapy Processes - with your permission
  • Consultation online

£225 Includes consultation and Meta Therapy 


Chakra Scan

Chakra scan.jpg

The Chakra scan will tell us more about your energy, emotional and spiritual aspects.

The Chakra Scans are for many people and an introduction to the Bodysonic MRA way of diagnosis. This scan will give you your chakra energy levels and inform us about any specific areas that may need attention to bring your Chakra energy system into balance.

They can account for different energetic moods, emotions and energy levels and can tell you more about stages of your life that may still be affecting your energy, mind and emotions.

Full Chakra Scan

this scan will give you your chakra energy levels as above and inform us about any specific areas that may need attention to bring your Chakra energy system into balance. This scan takes about one and a half hours, including consultation. This scan will show energy levels which will give you an idea of some physical concerns. But the chakra scan is more about your auric and chakra system. Many physical issues can be flagged up from these scans, but you will need to go deeper for full diagnostics.

You can read how Sandra got on with her Chakra Scan.

Includes :

  • Preparing the Scan
  • Processing the Chakra MRA Research Diagnostics
  • Chakra Interpretation 
  • Six Meta Therapy Processes
  • Chakra Consultation


  Meta Therapy

Meta Therapy Sessions can follow which can be done weekly for a month.
For optimum help re giving Meta, is advisable to have 20 Meta Therapy sessions over a month, with recommended breaks in between.
This would cost £75 for a month.

Meta Therapy will help you to feel lighter with more energy but may make you tired at the beginning. Although the BodySonic is a scanning device it also offers a treatment function, called Meta Therapy. This is done by assimilating frequencies.

Each body organ vibrates at its own frequency. The BodySonic generates the corresponding frequencies to activate the necessary organs if they have very low energy levels. One's brain is supposed to do this function the whole time but because of certain traumas or illness, it is not always capable of doing this function. The BodySonic, however, is able to assimilate this function if the brain does not comply.

Each body organ vibrates at its own frequency and with its own optimum healing frequency, the Bodysonic matches the optimum levels to encourage your body to bring about its own healing balance.

Booking a Scan

In the first instance please email me here with any questions or to book a Bodysonic MRA Scan as soon as possible.



Bodysonic MRA Electromagnetic Scans with Meta Therapy

Bodysonic MRA Electromagnetic Scans with Meta Therapy 


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