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Summer Seasonal Guide22nd of June 2019

Summer Heat and Insomnia

However, summer heat can affect our sleep. High-speed summer metabolism burns up your bodily reserves of energy. As you sweat throughout the day, and cumulatively over the summer months, your storehouse of fluids and electrolytes becomes depleted.

Summer Seasonal Guide22nd of June 2019

Summer Seasonal Foods & Energetics

Ayurveda had already done the thinking around the perfect summer diet so for our health and well being we need to consider the rising Pitta energy of summer and the foods we should be eating.

Summer Seasonal Guide22nd of June 2019

Summer is here!

Summer, like each of the seasons, arrives with its own distinct personality. Traditionally summer is related to light, heat and intensity. Summer has its own charming, distinct and distinguished personality. Depending on your body type, the warm and dry weather will comfort you or aggravate you.

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Summer Seasonal Guide22nd of June 2019

Dr Arya - Ayurveda on Summer and 5 Super Summer fruits

It’s summertime, Ayurveda calls summer season as ‘Grishma Ritu’. As the suns rays become more powerful, the body feels as if squeezed with increasing atmospheric temperature. This, in turn, weakens the Kapha day by day and strengthens Vata.

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