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Ayurveda & Rasayana 28th of December 2017

Let's look at the Sense of Smell

Let's look at the Sense of Smell. Let's look at the sense of smell. Smells can be put to therapeutic advantage and the medical establishment is investigating this

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 5th of July 2017

We Can Communicate by Smell – often without knowing it

We Can Communicate by Smell – often without knowing it. Countless studies have shown that recall can be enhanced if learning was done in the presence of an odor and that same odor is presented at the time of recall.

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Ayurveda & Rasayana 8th of March 2017

Our Senses are Linked Directly to the Elements

This article shows simple ways of how according to Ayurveda the five elements are connected to the senses. It is through our senses that we experience, the joy of seeing a child play, the sadness of hearing a piece of music that reminds us of a poignant time, the comfort of eating a heartwarming meal and the gentle touch of a loved one's hand.

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