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Yoga and Meditation During Rainy Season

Accept the rainy season as a gift, let the body heal and do not fall into lethargy, but instead enjoy an inhalation or a steam bath even more consciously in those still, slow moments, concentrate even more on your breath while meditating, benefit from the changing world to concentrate on yourself.

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Eat the Seasons Great Resource

Eat the Seasons Great Resource. This is a really useful resource for reading about seasonal foods that are available each month.

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Day to Day Connections with Nature

Day to Day Harmony with Nature. What’s goes on around us has a great influence on what goes on within us. What does that mean? It means being in harmony with nature also affects our body and mind. Daily Sadhanas are a way of living in harmony with nature which can influence our everyday life for better health.

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The Seasons Summer - Celebration

The Seasons Summer - Celebration. As nature celebrates its abundance, we also find ourselves celebrating the sun the light and longer days of Summer. The season outdoors where we take our holidays, the children are on their summer break and all is sunshine and funfilled.

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The Seasons Spring - Rebirth

The Seasons Spring - Rebirth. All seems new and possible when Spring shows its lightness and freshness through new buds and blossoms and all things young and new. It always feels like a new beginning and we can tackle anything, spring cleaning comes to mind.

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