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Super Summer Salads22nd of June 2019

Simple Easy Tabbouleh Salad

I love this salad and I always like to eat it warm. Ayurveda has a lot to say about cold food on the digestive system and it is really important to be aware of this. Cool food dampens the Agni, the fire in the belly and can disrupt the digestive system. So even if you eat this at room temperature it's better than coming out of the fridge.

Super Summer Salads22nd of June 2019

Simple Vinaigrette

Keep it simple is always delicious and what better than a simple vinaigrette that adds flavour and enhances your salads.

avocado girl.jpg
Super Summer Salads21st of June 2019

Avocados Cream Pate

Avocado is heavy, oily, thick and creamy, which is great for Vata but not so great for Pitta and Kapha. But I love avocados so a great way to counteract the oiliness is to add citrus juice like lemon and lime to your salad, or a little salt and pepper spices to lift them, remember lemons have a heating nature so use sparingly in the summer.

Super Summer Salads19th of June 2019

Sprouted Beans with Apple, Celery & Honey

Sprouts have been used in ancient India as medicine for many things, what we know today is that sprouts as a living food provide us with extra health benefits that provide us with preventative nutrition. Bean sprouts have the richest source of amino acids

Super Summer Salads16th of June 2019

New Potatoes, Alfalfa Sprouts and Green Beans

Alfalfa sprouts are associated with a good source of benefits, including preventing heart disease, improve digest system, lower cholesterol, detoxify the body and stimulate healing wounds. You can add alfalfa to your sandwiches or salads for more flavors and enjoying its health benefits, this is a favourite recipe and great to have for a lighter early evening meal.

Super Summer Salads15th of June 2019

Fruit Juices & Salad Dressing for all Doshas

Remember your dosha requirements as it can be really easy to add too much of these dressings that will cause an inbalance in your dosha, even when you think you are eating great live food. Don't use bought fruit juice, fruit is food, whilst Ayurveda tells us that the juice is our medicine. Our body tells us when we have eaten enough food while it's not so easy with juice and it can overwhelm the system.

herb baskets.jpg
Super Summer Salads15th of June 2019

Herbs & Spices for Summer Salads

Herbs can transform a salad and a dressing and we are fortunate that we can get plenty of fresh herbs from our supermarkets nowadays but even better if you grow your own or can buy from a local garden centre.

fennel salad.jpg
Super Summer Salads12th of June 2019

Quinoa, Fennel and Orange Super Salad

Fennel is a sattvic vegetable so its great for all dosha types. Ayurveda uses fennel as a digestive tonic, a mild laxative, and a diuretic. It helps to remove toxins from the body. It's light, fresh, refreshing and cooling.

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