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Wk 2 Natural Beauty Oleation 6th of August 2018

Oleation Recipe for Vata Wk 2

Snehana is the name for treatments that are based on oil therapies creating a nurturing, soothing and balancing effect. Oils are a wonderful carrier for other ingredients, herbs and spices, and in this case the essential oils that I am suggesting.

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Wk 2 Natural Beauty Oleation 6th of August 2018

Simple Therapeutic Caster Oil Formula Wk 2

Castor Oil is considered to be the purgative oil it draws impurities from the body, its thick and gloopy but when we add the almond oil it will be more easily manageable. Castor Oil will draw the dirt, toxins and any impurities from the skin. It actually adds heat but also helps with inflammation as it has the energetics of sweet which is cooling and pungent which is heating. For this purpose its fine for all body types.

Ayurveda Skin & Beauty30th of March 2018

Can't say enough about Body Brushing & Oelation

Can't say enough about Body Brushing & Oelation. Before your morning shower give your body a dry brush with a soft body brush. Best to use natural bristles if possible. This process will stimulate the bodies lymphatic process and encourage the removal of toxins that will begin to leave the body.

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