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The Rainy Season According to Ayurveda1st of September 2019

Courgette, Peppers and Squash Bake

This is a great rainy season leading to Autumn dish, I love using up not too old leftover veggies and this is one I baked using some, it worked out perfectly. I really like using bulgar wheat as its so quick and easy to use.

corn kernal.jpg

Hot Corn Salad Bowl

I've talked about corn many times it's a drying food and a great addition to your diet during the rainy season it's a great way to reduce water retention and blood pressure. It's a delicious dish and can be enjoyed by everyone at this time of the year.

Divine Food & Recipes8th of September 2018

Veg with Millet Dauphinous

Millet is rich in vitamin B, calcium, iron, potassium, and zinc it's a great protein and gluten-free. You might have seen millet in the health food store, and maybe not sure how to use it, have a go, it's really good for this time of the year.

Mangi icecream.jpg
Divine Food & Recipes17th of August 2018

Easy Mango Sweet or Ice Cream - Aam Ras

This is a delicious sweet and in many ways, it would not be recommended from an Ayurvedic perspective, but now and again we can break some of the rules if we are mindful and add the necessary spices to help us. This is an ancient Indian desert and can be eaten cooled after blending or frozen for a simple homemade ice cream

plate of goodness.jpg
Ayurveda & Rasayana 28th of December 2017

Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine. To create and maintain a healthy physiology our food must be nourishing

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