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Autumn & Winter Warmers with Recipes2nd of October 2018

Winter Tips from Dr Arya

Dr Arya gives us some of her valuable tips on living through the winter time according to Ayurveda, here's what she says ...In winter the duration of night is long, one feels hungry in the early morning itself. since the digestive fire is so strong the preferred rasas are - Madhura (sweet), Amla(sour) and Lavana(Salt)

Ayurveda Skin & Beauty2nd of October 2018

DR Arya Talks About Vibrational Health in Cosmetics

Recently I was working behind the Ayurveda principles on Vibrational Medicine with the pioneer in the intersecting fields of regenerative medicine Dr. Kavita Beri who is a scientist at the Center of Dermal Research at Ruthers University, New Jersy.

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