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Jyotish, Yoga, Movement & Sound19th of July 2018

Here She is our Resident Yoga Expert Claire Video 7

We have certainly been feeling the heat these past few weeks, practice your gentle, relaxing Hatha yoga in the cool early morning sun, before it gets too hot. Here's our resident Yoga Expert Claire showing us some simple sequences using a chair, really good for those suffering from knee or joint problems. You won't need your tutu for the plies though!

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Jyotish, Yoga, Movement & Sound18th of July 2018

Our Resident Yoga Expert Claire Video 8

Shoulder opening with straps. Egyptian sun sequence (includes lateral movements, forward folds and twists). Breathing ball exercise, 4 stage breathing exercise. Slow gentle low lunge pulse.

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Jyotish, Yoga, Movement & Sound27th of May 2018

Our Resident Yoga Expert Claire 12 min Video 4

Our Resident Yoga Expert Claire 12 min Video 4. What I love about these videos is that you are carefully talked through and given tips to keep your body in alignment with the postures. Don't forget that you can attend Clair's sessions in and around the North West of UK. But we are lucky indeed to have these short videos in our living rooms.

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Our Resident Yoga Expert Claire Video 3

Our Resident Yoga Expert Claire Video 3. Clair offers guided calm practices that are easy to follow, you can find her details below.Claire runs affordable traditional Hatha Yoga classes in Sale & Sale Moor, you can visit her website for details of her classes.

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