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Ayurveda Skin & Beauty1st of January 2019

Why Ayurveda is the best and unique answer to beautiful skin and body care

Ayurveda gives us a practical and daily guide to the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda. Ayurveda informs us that it is crucial to our understanding of complete health, that products applied to our skin will penetrate and become absorbed into the bloodstream and our internal organs.

Ayurveda Skin & Beauty20th of December 2018

The Secrets of Ancient Ubtan

Ubtan’ in itself means local application, which is a body application used for the beautification of the body, dating back to the remotest antiquity and is the legacy of the rich Indian Heritage.

Ayurveda Skin & Beauty4th of December 2018

Rasayana Hydrotherapy with Ubtan for the Face

Hydrotherapy & Ubtan for the Face. With an Ubtan for general use and all type. Ayurveda encourages us to take extra care of our skin. Ayurvedic tells us to cultivate glowing skin and a sense of inner balance, we should focus on a daily routine called 'dinacharya' this follows some basic Ayurveda guidelines.

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Ayurveda Skin & Beauty1st of December 2018

The Five Elements & Skin Therapy Ayurveda

The Five Elements & Skin Therapy is not New to Ayurveda, our skin absorbs what we put onto it and is affected by the 5 elements.

Ayurveda Skin & Beauty17th of August 2018

Dr Arya's Tips on an Ayurveda Skincare Routine

Cleanse -When I say cleanse, it doesn’t just mean washing your face frequently with water. Of course, you need to wash your face in cold water every time you come back from the sun. But here CLEANSE is clean internally and externally.

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Ayurveda Skin & Beauty30th of March 2018

Simple Daily Skin & Body Care

Simple Daily Skin & Body Care. Before indulging in a skin care routine, it is important to know and understand what your dominant Dosha is.

Ayurveda Skin & Beauty30th of March 2018

Can't say enough about Body Brushing & Oelation

Can't say enough about Body Brushing & Oelation. Before your morning shower give your body a dry brush with a soft body brush. Best to use natural bristles if possible. This process will stimulate the bodies lymphatic process and encourage the removal of toxins that will begin to leave the body.

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Ayurveda Skin & Beauty12th of February 2018

Dry Body Brushing for Health

Dry Body Brushing for Health. Ayurveda suggests that you use a dry brush and body oil afterwards followed by a shower.

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