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Good Simple Veggie Bowls11th of August 2020

Another Cabbage Powerhouse Bowl

This recipe is completely different from the previous cabbage dish but just as delicious and incredibly nutritious and great for detoxing, this one has a sweet and sour flavour to it. Cabbage is best for Pitta and Kapha types, its energetics are dry and cold, with a sweet taste.

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Wonderful Quinoa the Golden Seed 11th of August 2020

Quinoa for Breakfast

Everyone wants to know about what to have for breakfast and what will work for each dosha. This is a really simple quinoa breakfast bowl that will keep you going all morning and provide you with all the nourishment that you will need. Simple ring the changes with the correct fruit for each dosha and you have cracked it!

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Daily Health Concerns10th of August 2020

Ayurveda to Help Overcome Tiredness

Almost everyone has to work long hours these days, sacrificing rest and sleep. This may cause temporary or even chronic tiredness or fatigue. It refers to a feeling of weariness or lack of energy. This condition can be remedied by adequate rest.

Daily Health Concerns7th of August 2020

Overview of Constipation According to Ayurveda (one of five)

Constipation refers to bowel movements that are infrequent or hard to pass. The stool is often hard and dry. Other symptoms may include abdominal pain, bloating, and feeling as if one has not completely passed the bowel movement.

Dip In Ayurveda Articles 7th of August 2020

Healthy Snacks for Pitta

Pitta people have strong Agni (digestive strength) and fewer restrictions on snacking. Ideal Pitta snacks are cooling, sweet, and heavy.

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Daily Health Concerns25th of July 2020

Prevention of constipation #5

Of course! Prevention is always better than cure! Follow these tips to prevent constipation from becoming something more serious. Constipation that is untreated leads to alma in the body which leads to more serious problems.

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Quinoa, Banana & Berry Smoothie

Imagine getting all the protein benefits from quinoa and the vitamin immune-building benefits of berries with all their antioxidant qualities.


Non Dairy Quinoa Milk

I've given you instructions to make lots of different nondairy milks, quinoa milk is somewhat different but so easy to make and absolutely full of delicious proteins. In the introduction to quinoa, I give you all the benefits but just in case you haven't read that here are some brief amazing benefits from quinoa.

Daily Health Concerns17th of July 2020

Summer Heat and Insomnia According to Ayurveda

High-speed summer metabolism burns up your bodily reserves of energy. As you sweat throughout the day, and cumulatively over the summer months, your storehouse of fluids & electrolytes becomes depleted.

Good Simple Veggie Bowls14th of July 2020

Green Beans, Aduki & Garlic Pasta Bowl

This is a great one and most people enjoy it. You get added nutrition from the green beans and aduki, lots of good protein and carbohydrates. I always keep some tinned beans of various varieties in my larder, it makes things so easy when you don't have much time, choose a really good selection to keep handy for unexpected visitors and quick family meals.

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Daily Health Concerns11th of July 2020

Vata Constipation & Remedies #2

In Vata constipation, the stools are dry and hard. A bowel movement may consist of a group of small hard stools, likened to rabbit pellets, dry pieces, or lack of a bowel movement altogether.

Daily Health Concerns9th of July 2020

Ayurveda & Pitta Headaches

As all ayurvedic diagnosis, we are always looking at the imbalance of the body type and Pitta headaches are often linked to imbalances in the stomach and intestines, such as acid indigestion, hyperacidity or heartburn.

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Daily Health Concerns2nd of July 2020

Ayurveda & Vata Headaches

According to Ayurveda if you have a headache that is not consistent, that moves around that throbs with a pulsating pain and tightening like a belt around your head, you are likely to be having a Vata type headache.

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Whats Quinoa, the Golden Seed

Quinoa is high fibre and low calories so this will still help you to feel full. This light food will also improve your metabolism and helps with weight loss, good for Kapha types. Quinoa is fine for all dosha types, just follow some simple guidelines.

Daily Health Concerns12th of June 2020

Morning Evacuation, Bowel Movement

Ayurveda recognizes that the digestive tract is the very first place where imbalances arise in the body. Most of us have suffered from constipation, diarrhea or some other affecting bowel imbalance but are afraid to disclose it.

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Good Simple Veggie Bowls8th of June 2020

Cauliflower and Apple Bowl

Cauliflower pacifies Pitta and Kapha and can aggravate Vata, however, cooked with apple and served warm, its much more Vata friendly. This is an unusual combination but it tastes great with the added curry powder.

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Daily Health Concerns29th of May 2020

Everyday Vegetarian for Health

Vegetarians generally eat eggs and dairy products like milk and butter. Some vegetarians don't eat eggs, but the majority do consume milk and butter. Vegetarians are not the same as Vegans, where they are strict when it comes to egg, milk, or other foods and any ingredients that came from animals.

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Good Simple Veggie Bowls9th of May 2020

Courgette Veggie Bowl

Apart from being so simple to cook with courgettes, they are also really easy to digest, making it perfect for people suffering from constipation, acid reflux, tiredness, and other disorders, its a perfect food for when you want to cleanse the system.

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Inner Child & Sat Chit Ananda27th of September 2019

Educational Inner Child Article/Members

According to Jung The ‘Divine Child’ The Child Archetype was one of a positive nature, he said ‘ the child is potential future ‘ and that the concept and process of working with the ‘child archetype’ is a symbol of the developing personality’

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Inner Child & Sat Chit Ananda27th of September 2019

Can we really ever be happy?

people often find happiness in outcomes, what they have, achieve, get, buy, or given. Even when people realise that this is actually not the place of happiness, they still on automatic pilot continue to buy, desire, want. It's a fundamental human conditioning.

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