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Ayurveda & Healthy Snacks

Eat light foods for your Dosha that are easy to digest. Wheat crackers, cheese, granola, and nuts can be generally too heavy for snacking. Here's what the suggestible snacks according to your body type:


Sadhana of Ghee

Sadhana of Ghee. Written and prepared by Mother Maya, this is the most comprehensive instructions for making ghee in the way of Sadhana.


Ayurveda and Autumn

According to Ayurveda as we move through the rainy season which holds many health problems as discussed in the Rainy Season section, we move into Autumn which according to the Vedic calendar is late Sept to Mid November.


Summer Heat and Insomnia According to Ayurveda

High-speed summer metabolism burns up your bodily reserves of energy. As you sweat throughout the day, and cumulatively over the summer months, your storehouse of fluids & electrolytes becomes depleted.


Pitta Dosha Dinner - Potato & Celery Subji

Pitta Dosha Dinner - Potato & Celery Subji . Subji, which can also be considered a side dish, to eat with tofu, tempeh, or paneer, is a really versatile addition to your meal choices. You can experiment with trying different subji to create some delicious changes.


Ginger & Chili Mushroom Veggie Bowl

All these dishes are based on simple, easy, nutritious ingredients, all with a herb or spicy accent. Spicy food raises your body temperature, you can warm up with these healthy and easy to prepare spicy veggie recipes


Aubergine and Green Pepper Medicinal Bowl

Ayurveda has always considered aubergines or eggplants a food to be wary of as it is heating and high in oxidates which aggravates all doshas, similar to garlic Ayurveda has always seen aubergines as a medicinal plant, here I've used it with garlic, also considered a medicine.

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PMS A Comprehensive Guide According to Ayurveda

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a condition that affects a woman’s emotions, physical health, and behavior during certain days of the menstrual cycle, generally just before her menses. It is a very common condition. Its symptoms affect up to 85 percent of menstruating women. It must impair some aspect of your life for your doctor to diagnose you.

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Detrimental Health Effects of Obesity # 3

The problem with dis ease is that we become accustomed to feeling under the weather of a bit heavier, or slower, it becomes the norm in our daily lives. This then leads to the problem becoming more acute, this, in turn, makes the problem more difficult to bring into balance. Ayurveda gives us some guidelines.

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A Bowl of Veggie Goodness

This dish really depends on what veggies you have in, or ones that you particularly enjoy. Choose a variety of different ones and make sure you have at least 4 different types in different colours to make your bowl look deliciously appetising.


Ayurveda Obesity Overview 1 (One of Four )

Obesity is a condition where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have a negative effect on their health. Most often created by poor food choices. Ayurveda offers us some answers.

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Cabbage and Spring Onion Bowl

This is such a simple yet delicious and very nutritious veggie bowl. Cabbage is best for Pitta and Kapha types, its energetics are dry and cold, with a sweet taste. Adding some oils and cooking through will help the Vata type to assimilate the energetics of cabbage.

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Our Senses are Linked Directly to the Elements

This article shows simple ways of how according to Ayurveda the five elements are connected to the senses. It is through our senses that we experience, the joy of seeing a child play, the sadness of hearing a piece of music that reminds us of a poignant time, the comfort of eating a heartwarming meal and the gentle touch of a loved one's hand.


Pitta Constipation & Remedies #3

In hot Pitta constipation, the stools are smelly and sticky. It may come out in pieces and be difficult to clean. This is due to an excess of hot, oily foods your diet.


Morning Evacuation, Bowel Movement

Ayurveda recognizes that the digestive tract is the very first place where imbalances arise in the body. Most of us have suffered from constipation, diarrhea or some other affecting bowel imbalance but are afraid to disclose it.

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Vata Constipation & Remedies #2

In Vata constipation, the stools are dry and hard. A bowel movement may consist of a group of small hard stools, likened to rabbit pellets, dry pieces, or lack of a bowel movement altogether.


A Short Journey into the Sour Taste

A Short Journey into the Sour Taste. The sour taste helps to pacify Vata and Kapha by acting as a digestive aid, helps to dispel gas, relieves thirst and encourages circulation, it will benefit .....

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Pasta with Kale, Broccoli and Leeks

As we move into the winter season, according to Ayurveda this is the early winter and we can become aware of what's needed before the harsher winter months set in. We want to be adding some good quality food to our meals as the digestive system acts like a burning fire during these colder months helping to distribute warmth to our bodies.

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Quick Healthy Lighter Meal

Its 7 pm and I've just got back from Conwy in Wales after spending the day with my daughter Carmen, we have been out all day and I just wanted to relax and also know that I have eaten something that's quite nourishing and easy to make.

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Padabyhanga Foot Massage

Padabyhanga Foot Massage, a quick video and easy to do techniques.

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