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Autumn & Winter Warmers with Recipes30th of November 2018

Sweet Potatoes, Kale & Ginger Hash

Sweet potatoes are a lighter food than most other foods that we chose when we need something more substantial and they are kind to the digestive system, they are rich in complex carbohydrates so they are less likely to add extra weight if you are careful in quantities.

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Autumn & Winter Warmers with Recipes30th of November 2018

Kidney Beans & Cumin Stew

Another delicious winter warmer and using cumin means that you get lots o health benefits, too many to mention but here's a few cumin particularly promotes a healthy digestion and is a rich source of iron.

black bean stew.jpg
Autumn & Winter Warmers with Recipes30th of November 2018

Easy Spicy Black Bean Stew

This is a take of a veggie chili, but without the Quorn mince. Its packed with protein and should satisfy everyone's appetite. Its such a good winter warmer and for those who like it extra hot, not Pitta types, you can add extra chili flakes or add a fresh one for extra punch.

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Wk 7 Natural Beauty Toning 30th of November 2018

Cool Mint Toner Wk 7

All you need to do is crush your mint leaves or grind them in a mortar and pestle and apply the mint leaves like a face pack on areas of the skin that is sensitive. This is good for the care and prevention of acne, it also takes care of keeping your skin cool and oil-free in the summer, perfect for Pitta skin.

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Wk 7 Natural Beauty Toning 30th of November 2018

Simple Chamomile Tea Toner Wk 7

Chamomile tea toner is one of the best skin toners for dry and damaged skin that provides deep nourishment to the skin. It is also one of the potential home remedies for dark circles and bags around eyes.

Wk 7 Natural Beauty Toning 30th of November 2018

Simple Lemon Juice Toner Wk 7

Lemon Juice may be readily available and really inexpensive, but this doesn't mean that it isn't a potent fruit for putting onto the skin. Diluting with water in a spray is really effective and will last quite a while, with its antibacterial properties.

rose 3.jpg
Wk 7 Natural Beauty Toning 29th of November 2018

Camphor and Rose Water Toner Wk 7

Natural skin care tips for oily skin which will always include the Kapha skin and sometimes the Tzone of Pitta skin must include skin toner because it tones the open skin pores and reduces the secretion of sebum and oil from the skin.

orange & lemons.jpg
Wk 7 Natural Beauty Toning 29th of November 2018

Natural Beauty Rejuvenating Toners Wk 7

A good toner will remove any remaining residue of oil, dirt, and debris left behind by your cleanser. More importantly, toner will help soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin while restoring its delicate pH balance.

Ayurveda Skin & Beauty24th of November 2018

Ayurveda's answer to the ageing turkey neck

When I ask some of my older ladies about what physical aspect makes them feel ‘old’, most of them say it’s their ‘Turkey Neck’ that makes them look older than they feel.

Wk 6 Ayurveda Beauty Masks 23rd of November 2018

Kapha Skin & Face Masks Wk 6

Kapha skin is oilier than the other 2 types. Characteristics are cool, moonlike, oily, large pores, prone to acne, blackheads, deep wrinkles and tans easily. Kapha is concerned with earth and water and governs structure, bodily stability, lubrication and cell structure.

Wk 6 Ayurveda Beauty Masks 21st of November 2018

Pitta Skin & Masks Wk 6

The Pitta skin will be warmer than the other two types. Characteristics of the Pitta skin are, warm, reddish, glowing with larger pores in the T zone. Pitta skin will burn easily and be prone to skin allergies and irritations. Pitta is concerned with Fire & Water and governs the body's balance of chemical and transforming energies.

More Food & Recipes9th of November 2018

Warming Oat, Chocolate and Banana Breakfast

One common combination that can challenge our digestive capabilities is yogurt and fruit. This pairing can impair the digestive fire and create ama. Ayurveda tells us that mixing yoghurt with fruit is challenging to our digestive system and should really be eaten separately, of course, we now have the advantage of non-dairy yoghurt which is less problematic.

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More Food & Recipes9th of November 2018

Spelt and Herb Flatbread

You can just eat them on their own as the masala mix and fresh herbs make this recipe. Spelt is pungent, heating, light and dry, so it has an effect on all doshas, its great for Kapha, ok for Pitta and ok for Vata in smaller quantities.

roasted peppers.jpg
More Food & Recipes8th of November 2018

Roasted Red Pepper & Cauli Bowl

I made this today from a bunch of leftovers, Ayurveda sees leftovers as detrimental to our digestive system, but I think that with our fridges, life is less problematic, regarding this. What Ayurveda refers to is cooked leftovers, there is very little life left in the food and if we reheat there are fewer enzymes and more opportunity for bacteria.

millet burgers.jpg
More Food & Recipes8th of November 2018

Delicious Millet Burgers

Delicious Millet Burgers. This is such an easy dish to prepare and everyone will love them, just take your time making them as they have a tendency to crumble. It just takes a little patience!

More Food & Recipes8th of November 2018

Really Healthy Pizza

Lots of people like pizzas but they are not very healthy, this one has more than enough of great ingredients to make it healthy and easy on the waistline. Using a selection of different flours/grains gives it extra nutrition. You can make the pizza topping to suit your taste, but remember to go easy on the cheese as this defeats the object of eating healthy, so a little feta goes a long way for taste.

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Wk 6 Ayurveda Beauty Masks 31st of October 2018

Vata Skin & Masks Wk 6

Vata skin will always suffer more than others in colder windy weather, but always being mindful of your Vata skin is important. So it’s important to choose skin care and recipes that are more hydrating than drying.

Wk 6 Ayurveda Beauty Masks 29th of October 2018

Ayurveda Face Masks Wk 6

Facial masks help to get rid of the dead skin cells and give back the refreshing and glowing skin. Especially if you’re using all natural products and if you are using the right facial mask according to your dosha.

turmeric rice.jpg
More Food & Recipes19th of October 2018

Pooja's Tumeric Puffed Rice

I have to say that I have never tried this but it sounds great, Pooja has some healthy eating recipes which we will continue to add to the site. We all know how good turmeric is for our health and this is a really unusual way to include it for a delicious snack.

Ayurveda & Rasayana 19th of October 2018

Ayurveda and the Ekadashi Fast by Pooja

Everyone that comes to this site will have read at the least about fasting and detoxing, here Pooja describes her experience with fasting and what the Ekadashi fast is all about this fast correlates to the Lunar Cycle. Pooja reminds us that the term “Ekadashi” translates to eleven.

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