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Essential Docs & Dinacharya23rd of September 2020

Gargling the Lost Art Svedhana

This Svedhana therapy is for the eyes, nose mouth and throat and are really a lost treatment form. We teach our clients how to do them because they are so good for helping to clear the mind and emotions as well as the physical senses.

Essential Docs & Dinacharya22nd of September 2020

Dinacharya, Early to Sun Rise

Dinacharya (Sanskrit: दिनचर्या "daily-routine") is a concept in Ayurvedic medicine that looks at the cycles of nature and bases daily activities around these cycles. Ayurveda tells us that routines help establish balance and that understanding daily cycles are useful for promoting health.

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Essential Docs & Dinacharya19th of September 2020

Dinacharya Early Morning Yoga Routines

Dinacharya, or daily routine is important in our health as it sets our body to how it should function. Especially the morning routine. We can all change our pace of living if we begin to practice some form of physical exercise early in the morning.

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Daily Health Concerns19th of September 2020

Ayurveda Daily Health – Sore Dry Eyes

Ayurveda shows a different approach to treating Dry Eye Syndrome. Because dry eyes syndrome is due to vitiated Vata dosha the aim of Ayurveda is to maintain the balance of the same. We must look at the reasons why Vata is out of balance.

Essential Docs & Dinacharya18th of September 2020

Dinacharya Daily Art of Body Brushing

Our skin is the body’s largest organ, it absorbs anything you put on and also plays a critical role in eliminating toxins. Dry brushing has many health benefits, from improving your immune system to reducing cellulite.

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Wonderful Quinoa the Golden Seed 17th of September 2020

Quinoa Green Cleansing Smoothie

Wow so full of goodness and with the dark green leaves, it really does give you an excellent inner cleanse. Blended with sweet and pungent tastes it's suitable for all dosha with adaptations. You want to lose weight or get some much-needed energy this one is definitely one for you.

Daily Health Concerns17th of September 2020

Ayurveda Obesity Overview 1 (One of Four )

Obesity is a condition where a person has accumulated so much body fat that it might have a negative effect on their health. Most often created by poor food choices. Ayurveda offers us some answers.

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Good Simple Veggie Bowls17th of September 2020

The All-Time Favourite Kimbalaki Soup

Heres everyone favourite soup and really easy recipe. This video was recorded about 5 years ago and my mum has passed since then, but she always loved this soup and each time I watch it, it reminds me of her and the things that helped her feel well.

Daily Health Concerns12th of September 2020

Pitta Constipation & Remedies #3

In hot Pitta constipation, the stools are smelly and sticky. It may come out in pieces and be difficult to clean. This is due to an excess of hot, oily foods your diet.

winter stew 1.jpg
Autumn & Winter Warmers with Recipes11th of September 2020

Spicy Sweet Potatoes & Chickpea Stew

Don't you love a warm, hearty bowl of stew in these winter months, almost everyone loves to eat something warming and filling. This is a delicious recipe made with combining, spices, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and coconut to fill you full of goodness.

Daily Health Concerns5th of September 2020

Kapha Constipation & Remedies #4

Kapha constipation consists of large, infrequent bowel movements. This is due to a lack of mobility in the colon, resulting in sluggish bowels. This slow metabolic rate may be associated with depression and hypothyroid.

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Dip In Ayurveda Articles 2nd of September 2020

Keeping your hair strong and moisturized

Dr Arya our online expert contributor has given us ideas, tips and Ayurveda advice for keeping our hair strong and moisturized, with recipes to try at home.

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Daily Health Concerns29th of August 2020

Ayurveda & Magnesium in your Diet

Like most vitamins, magnesium’s role is primarily regulatory. It allows enzymes to function properly, which in turn enable a vast majority of the body’s chemical reactions. In this article, we will be able to see the role of magnesium in our body and where to get it best according to Ayurveda

Daily Health Concerns24th of August 2020

Plants and Nut Milk According to Ayurveda

The additions of antibiotics and hormone treatments have corrupted the cow's milk which now is considered a factor in heart disease and create inflammation. Many human beings are intolerant and unable to digest cow’s milk.

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Essential Docs & Dinacharya20th of August 2020

Ayurvedic Daily Routine Dinacharya

Dinacharya (Sanskrit: दिनचर्या "daily-routine") is a concept in Ayurvedic medicine that looks at the cycles of nature and bases daily activities around these cycles. Ayurveda tells us that routines help establish balance and that understanding daily cycles are useful for promoting health.

Daily Health Concerns19th of August 2020

Ayurveda looks at sore knees

Ayurveda looks at sore knees as an imbalance of Vata in the joints, which is the air and space quality. In this article, we will provide tips, and remedies for your knee pain from an Ayurveda perspective.

quinoa bowl 2.jpg
Wonderful Quinoa the Golden Seed 19th of August 2020

Healthy Delicious Quinoa Bowl

If you are a windy person which is a Vata imbalance eating too many beans can increase the problem, always add a pinch of Asafoetida or Hing to the mix, this will help with wind. Asafoetida is used in savoury dishes, often to add a more full flavor as an alternative for the taste of onions, garlic, egg, and even meat. It's a staple ingredient in Indian cooking, commonly used along with turmeric in lentil dishes like dal, and a variety of vegetable dishes

Daily Health Concerns15th of August 2020

Ayurveda & Importance of Vitamin C

Increasing your Vitamin C is really an effective way to boost our immune system from factors that will imbalance our doshas. The problem is by using supplements to get it can leave side effects to our bodies, in higher doses of vitamin C (greater than 2,000 milligrams per day for adults) may cause kidney stones, nausea, and diarrhea.

Vanilla Extract 1.jpg
Dip In Ayurveda Articles 14th of August 2020

Sugar Free Vanilla Extract

On my refined sugar free journey I have come across recipes requiring vanilla extract and only recently read about some vanilla extracts containing sugar. I also wanted to avoid having alcohol too so I was delighted when I found this recipe.

Essential Docs & Dinacharya12th of August 2020

Dinacharya Morning Evacuation, Bowel Movement

Ayurveda recognizes that the digestive tract is the very first place where imbalances arise in the body. Most of us have suffered from constipation, diarrhoea or some other affecting bowel imbalance but are afraid to disclose it.

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