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Spring Seasonal Guide21st of March 2019

Warming Chai Tea - Kapha Reducing

Warming Chai Tea - Kapha Reducing. This is a really quick, heating tea and great for keeping Kapha from being stuck in the tissues, good for weight loss. Ayurveda tells us that the benefits of this tea are that black pepper is a blood purifier, cardamon is great for the colon, cloves help to calm the nervous system, which is also why its used for pain, particularly in the mouth and teeth

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Jyotish, Yoga, Movement & Sound21st of March 2019

Our Resident Yoga Expert Claire Video 23

Gentle Hatha yoga including leg spiralling, alternate knee squeeze, coil pose, single leg cycling. Flowering lotus with gentle focused breathing exercise

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Spring Seasonal Guide20th of March 2019

Kapha Reducing Tea

As this heavy, wet and warming of the earth sets in Kapha goes into overload in an effort to release toxins manifested in the undigested material called ama. This means that excess mucus and phlegm, more colds, congestion, coughs, bloating and swelling and water retention, lethargy, and general stagnation, begin to be experienced in body and mental states.

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Spring Seasonal Guide19th of March 2019

Get Out of Bed Morning Workout for Kapha

Get Out of Bed Morning Workout for Kapha. Come on everyone, this is the worst time for Kapha stagnant problems. This is a THREE-minute wake-up workout.

Later Spring Care18th of March 2019

Kapha Lunch Lettuce Filled Sandwich

Kapha Lunch Lettuce Filled Sandwich. This is perfect for Kapha types. This is a perfect option that will help Kapha to be more alert and reduce weight. It should also help to satisfy any hunger pangs.

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Spring Seasonal Guide18th of March 2019

Simple Kapha Reducing Shopping List

Simple Kapha Reducing Shopping List. I have been talking about this now for the whole of March this year as the weather has been changing dramatically. March begins the spring seasons energies which are the most connected the qualities of Kapha, which are heavy, cold and oily and these dynamics create lethargy, tiredness, heaviness and often depressive states.

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Spring Ayurveda Care18th of March 2019

Kapha Reducing Millet Kichadi

Kapha Reducing Millet Kichadi. This is a classic recipe that Mother Maya has devised as an energising meal for the Kapha Dosha. She tells us that it is light, reducing and invigorating in nature.

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Free Articles for non members 18th of March 2019

What You Get as a Member.

What you get as a Member. You get straight into the world of Ayurveda! Recipes, Rasayana, herbs, health ... so much more

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Kapha 5 Day Prog17th of March 2019

Kapha Seasonal Problems & Why

Kapha Season is here, the earth, the air and the body are heavier and damp. As we know the season's change and before we get the sunshine of late spring, we experience the wet, sleet and snow which begins to melt and create havoc as the warmer weather starts to heat up the earth.

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Kapha 5 Day Prog17th of March 2019

Day One the Foundations

Day One the Foundations. This is the foundation and general format that you will be following throughout the programme, although each day will have some different recipes and practices for you to do.

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Spring Ayurveda Care17th of March 2019

Warm Green Bean & Cumin Salad

Warm Green Bean & Cumin Salad. This is a simple favourite and great for a quick lunch, I eat a bowl of this alone, but you can serve it on a bed of millet or buckwheat as a savoury lunch bowl. The roasted almonds are delicious on this dish and great for the Kapha diet.

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Spring Seasonal Guide17th of March 2019

Base or Root Chakra / Muladhara

Base or Root Chakra / Muladhara. Our chakras can be under active or over active and either will play a part in your emotional and physical well being. If we can begin to understand that our bodies are not only physical but also energetic and the chakras play a major role in the energetics.

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Kapha 5 Day Prog17th of March 2019

Day Four

Day Four. Getting into tune with your body. When you start to become more in-tune with your body and with the energy of the days and seasons, you will be more able to adjust in the future seasonal junctures. One of the main themes for seasonal junctures is the need to bring about change in a gradual way.

Free Articles for non members 17th of March 2019

Whats Ayurveda ? Q and A

Whats Ayurveda? Questions and Answers. Ayurveda, the comprehensive science of wellbeing...yet is still relatively unknown in the UK. Ayurveda is a system of medicine and a philosophy for living in harmony with nature.

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Later Spring Care16th of March 2019

Asatoma Sadgamaya. From ignorance, lead me to truth

Asatoma Sadgamaya. From ignorance, lead me to truth. This is a wonderful chant to do throughout your Kapha Reducing Programme and beyond it reminds us to see the truth of who we are. With or without Kapha problems.

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Spring Seasonal Guide16th of March 2019

Kapha Connecting to Base Chakra

Kapha Connecting to Base Chakra. This is a wonderful sage and grounding exercise that is to help you to feel safe and connected.

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Spring Ayurveda Care16th of March 2019

Claires First Yoga 12 Minute Yoga at Home Video

Claires First Yoga 12 Minute Yoga at Home Video. I have been lucky enough to have access to all of Claires at home videos and I am loving the full explanation of how to do it and what to watch out for and be careful not to overdo this or that. If you find like me that it's not easy to know what you are doing with your shoulders or hips and if they are in the correct position, Claire helps us with these details.

Kapha 5 Day Prog16th of March 2019

Day Three

Day Three. There is so much wonderful information to learn about Kapha and of course the other doshas, but we are focusing on Kapha this month. This particular article alongside the daily formulas, tells us about the evening time for Kapha, read below.

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