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The Unique Teachings of Wise Earth Ayurveda

The Unique Teachings of Wise Earth Ayurveda

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I was introduced to Wise Earth Ayurveda through reading The Path of Practice on a plane journey after spending some time at the Chopra Centre in California, this was long before Deepak Chopra was such a well-known celebrity and spiritual leader.

I had come to know Ayurveda through my own search for truth, spiritual wellbeing and health and had spent time with other wonderful teachers but was immediately touched by the writings of Maya Tiwari in her book The Path of Practice. I had a long journey and by the time I reached my destination, I had finished the book and was hooked!

I had been trained by several hi-profile ayurveda teachers but none gave me a deeper understanding than WE which has a unique approach to the preservation of Vedic practices that have long been ignored or westernised. 

 The first programme that I signed up for was the wonderful Food Breath & Sound and over several years I took many of the Wise Earth programmes.

After 20 yrs or so I was given the honor of Master Trainer by Mother Maya and had taught many students in different parts of the world.

In this section of the site, I wish to introduce you to the many unique teachings brought to us by Mother Maya Tiwari.

Namaste Vani 



Linda Bretherton

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