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The Rainy Season According to Ayurveda

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The Rainy Season According to Ayurveda3rd of September 2019

Challenges of Rainy September to October’s Autumn Season

Vata is a word which is used for the autumn season in Ayurveda world. It is a time when a season starts to change from warm days to slightly colder ones. It can be considered as a middle phase in the transition of two major seasons.

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The Rainy Season According to Ayurveda3rd of September 2019

Roasted Root Veg with Whole Garlic

A really simple oven dish that doesn't take long to prepare and you can pop it in the oven and go out shopping for an hour or so. This also has the advantage of eating the garlic cloves whole like the French do in much of their cooking. remember that Ayurveda warns against eating too much garlic and unlike the Mediterranean diet it doesn't advocate eating it regularly.

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The Rainy Season According to Ayurveda2nd of September 2019

Sweet Potato, Squash & Garlic Soup

This time of the year brings about lots of germs and the body is already depleted from the dry debilitating summer, yes I know that you love the sunshine, but if there is lots of long summer days we suffer and so does the earth. This is a season for self care and being really careful about what you eat and how you care for the body. Its another traditional time for purification for all doshas.

The Rainy Season According to Ayurveda1st of September 2019

Courgette, Peppers and Squash Bake

This is a great rainy season leading to Autumn dish, I love using up not too old leftover veggies and this is one I baked using some, it worked out perfectly. I really like using bulgar wheat as its so quick and easy to use.

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The Changing Seasons and Aromatherapy

With the arrival of each new season, anticipation abounds. Every season brings with it rich memories and scents that are never forgotten. There’s always that perfect smell that defines each season. Have you ever experienced memories flooding into your mind after smelling some distant scent from your childhood years? We need support through these transitional seasons and aromatherapy can help.


Yoga and Meditation During Rainy Season

Accept the rainy season as a gift, let the body heal and do not fall into lethargy, but instead enjoy an inhalation or a steam bath even more consciously in those still, slow moments, concentrate even more on your breath while meditating, benefit from the changing world to concentrate on yourself.


The Rainy Season

We don't really relate to a 'rainy season' but according to Ayurveda its a crucial transition from the summer to the autumn and one of the reasons that when the summer fades we begin to feel unwell and there are lots of infections going around, the body is week from the summer season and vulnerable to diseases.

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Looking At the Seasons

The seasonal cycle is one of the most tangible examples we could have of being a part of a much greater living organism. Seasonal change and weather conditions profoundly affect all life on the planet, governing the growth of plant life, and thus animal life and the changing conditions of our global environment and the more immediate local surroundings that we live in.

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Essential Oil Support Through the Rainy Season

Here is some great advice from our resident aromatherapy expert Beverley on supporting yourself through this rainy season. For the rainy and humid season where lethargy kicks in, Essential oil blends can help to provide balance and support.

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Hot Corn Salad Bowl

I've talked about corn many times it's a drying food and a great addition to your diet during the rainy season it's a great way to reduce water retention and blood pressure. It's a delicious dish and can be enjoyed by everyone at this time of the year.

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Health Tips for the Rainy Season

Our body is more susceptible to disease because the rain reduces our immune system, it's a great time to pick up colds, viruses, and coughs. We become more affected through this season and this impacts all of our bodies systems, infections, digestive problems, and tiredness. Humidity also plays its part in the rainy season which is important when we consider our digestions.

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The Rainy Season According to Ayurveda4th of September 2018

Stuffed Butternut Squash

This is another really easy and simple dish to make and you can get on with other things while it cooks in the oven. Its a nice combination with the garlic the sweet squash compliments the pungent garlic cloves.

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