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Spring Seasonal Guide

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Spring Seasonal Guide31st of March 2019

Kapha in the Body Reducing Programme & Why

Kapha in the Body Reducing Programme & Why. Kapha Season is here, the earth, the air and the body is heavier and damp. As we know the season's change and before we get the sunshine of late spring, we experience the wet, sleet and snow which begins to melt and create havoc as the warmer weather starts to heat up the earth.

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Spring Seasonal Guide30th of March 2019

Spring Seasonal Food

March brings us the start of something brand new, we see things beginning to erupt from the hard soil, its a time of change.

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Spring Seasonal Guide29th of March 2019

Know Your Vata Imbalances in Spring

Know Your Vata Imbalances in Spring. As we embark on this Kapha seasonal shift it's useful to understand your Dosha and their imbalances. This way you can see which dosha is being affected by the transition of weather changes. This simple guide will help you to see if you have an imbalance of Vata energy.

Spring Seasonal Guide27th of March 2019

Know Your Pitta Imbalances In Spring

Know Your Pitta Imbalances In Spring. Pitta is about heat and metabolism. We recognise Pitta because of their fiery nature. More people are suffering from exaggerated Pitta qualities because of the pressures of our chaotic world. As you embark on the Kapha Reducing Programme, you may find that Pitta rises and you experience more heat and light in the body, this can be liberating as it pushes through some of the Kapha energies, but it can also be a problem.

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Spring Seasonal Guide26th of March 2019

Know Your Kapha Imbalances in Spring

Know Your Kapha Imbalances in Spring. Kapha is the slowest of all constitutions and has a sluggish metabolism. Spring is the time of year that Kapha will experience a huge rise in its qualities that become health issues. Cold, wet and humid weather will create imbalances in Kapha. Spring is the time of year that Kapha will experience a huge rise in its qualities that become health issues. Cold, wet and humid weather will create imbalances in Kapha.

Spring Seasonal Guide24th of March 2019

Therapeutic Face Steam for Kapha in Spring

Therapeutic Face Steam for Kapha in Spring. Kapha skin is thick, pale and moist, it's cold and soft to touch and it keeps its youthful appearance longer than other types. Kapha is often called the dosha with the moon like face. When Kapha is out of balance skin becomes dull, sluggish and congested with even larger pores that attract dirt and oil creating blackheads and other pus related spots and cysts. Kapha skin visibly has over oily skin that can be thick and greasy.

Spring Seasonal Guide23rd of March 2019

Get Moving 4 Min Easy Leg Workout

Get Moving 4 Min Easy Leg Workout. You should do the exercises in this month's seasonal guide every day. There are lots shown on this seasonal Spring guide and they are all only a few minutes long, do different ones throughout the day and it will help to move the Kapha energies. We really need to get our limbs moving, not only in a yoga way, pilates way but in an energetic getting the body heated up exercise way.

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Spring Seasonal Guide23rd of March 2019

Water & Lemon with Ginger Every Day for Kapha Programme

On your Kapha, programme there are lots of options for different Kapha drinks if you do not drink any of the others this one is a must. Water & Lemon with Ginger Every Day. I think most people know about some of the great benefits of drinking lemon in water every day. Most people drink it when they are on a detox programme, but there are much more benefits that are available to you from drinking this almost magical drink.

Spring Seasonal Guide22nd of March 2019

Get Moving The Easy 6 Minute Standing Ab Exercise

Get Moving The Easy 6 Minute Standing Ab Exercise. These short videos are all chosen to do some sharp short moving of Kapha that will stubbornly remain stuck during these colder months. You have got to this stage of preparation its time to put all the exercises together and do them at different times in the day. This is a great one to do at lunchtime where your energy is high.

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Spring Seasonal Guide21st of March 2019

Warming Chai Tea - Kapha Reducing

Warming Chai Tea - Kapha Reducing. This is a really quick, heating tea and great for keeping Kapha from being stuck in the tissues, good for weight loss. Ayurveda tells us that the benefits of this tea are that black pepper is a blood purifier, cardamon is great for the colon, cloves help to calm the nervous system, which is also why its used for pain, particularly in the mouth and teeth

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Spring Seasonal Guide20th of March 2019

Kapha Reducing Tea

As this heavy, wet and warming of the earth sets in Kapha goes into overload in an effort to release toxins manifested in the undigested material called ama. This means that excess mucus and phlegm, more colds, congestion, coughs, bloating and swelling and water retention, lethargy, and general stagnation, begin to be experienced in body and mental states.

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Spring Seasonal Guide19th of March 2019

Get Out of Bed Morning Workout for Kapha

Get Out of Bed Morning Workout for Kapha. Come on everyone, this is the worst time for Kapha stagnant problems. This is a THREE-minute wake-up workout.

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Spring Seasonal Guide18th of March 2019

Simple Kapha Reducing Shopping List

Simple Kapha Reducing Shopping List. I have been talking about this now for the whole of March this year as the weather has been changing dramatically. March begins the spring seasons energies which are the most connected the qualities of Kapha, which are heavy, cold and oily and these dynamics create lethargy, tiredness, heaviness and often depressive states.

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Spring Seasonal Guide17th of March 2019

Base or Root Chakra / Muladhara

Base or Root Chakra / Muladhara. Our chakras can be under active or over active and either will play a part in your emotional and physical well being. If we can begin to understand that our bodies are not only physical but also energetic and the chakras play a major role in the energetics.

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Spring Seasonal Guide16th of March 2019

Kapha Connecting to Base Chakra

Kapha Connecting to Base Chakra. This is a wonderful sage and grounding exercise that is to help you to feel safe and connected.

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Spring Seasonal Guide15th of March 2019

Lynn Meadowcroft on Vision Boards

Lynn Meadowcroft on Vision Boards. Lynn is a friend and colleague and organises and runs many fabulous workshops, one of her workshops is learning how to create your own Vision Board, where you will have fun and be motivated to create something really special.

Spring Seasonal Guide14th of March 2019

Make A Vision Board for April/May

Make A Vision Board for April/May. This month we are focussing on the Kapha energies that have been particularly difficult this seasonal change. An energy that's heavy, hard, low, sluggish, thick and in some cases depressive. Create a Vision Board that reflects what you wish to create and achieve in this next couple of months.

Spring Seasonal Guide13th of March 2019

Kapha Stimulating Therapeutic Bath Ritual

Kapha Stimulating Therapeutic Bath Ritual.The description of a stimulating effect would be one that helps to invigorate the body and mind. A stimulating bath is a bath taken in water that contains an aromatic substance, an astringent, or a tonic.

Spring Seasonal Guide11th of March 2019

Kapha & the Pain of Sinus Problems

Kapha & the Pain of Sinus Problems. This is usually created by the change of seasons, I have written a lot about this, as the cold season begins to move into Spring the cold earth begins to thaw and brings about moisture and wet thick mus in the ground.This is reflected in our bodies as the season changes so do our bodies and the mucus builds and creates sinus problems.

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Spring Seasonal Guide10th of March 2019

Kapha Daily Cleansing & Strengthening of the Sense Organs

Kapha Daily Cleansing & Strengthening of the Sense Organs. It's really important to follow these simple cleansing practices alongside your Kapha Reducing Foods. Kapha builds mucus in the body and particularly at this time of the year when Kapha is most prevalent.

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