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Healthy Snacks for Vata

Healthy Snacks what are they?

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For most people, “snacking” means eating a sleeve of cookies while or mindlessly munching on crisps while you miss out on good quality food.

Sometimes you simply get too busy to prepare and eat a healthy meal. Having some healthy snacks on hand can be useful when this happens.

And if you’re trying to lose weight, especially when you are living the Ayurveda way, you might assume snacks are the kryptonite to your healthy eating plan but they don’t have to be.

There are healthy snacks that you can enjoy and at the same time benefit from it.

 What are the Best Snacks for Vata 

Since living in Ayurveda way is also being aware of our body type, one must follow this rule:

If you must snack, snack strategically. Eat light foods for your Dosha that are easy to digest.

Wheat crackers, biscuits, chocolate, cheese, granola and nuts are generally too heavy for snacking.   

Vata Snacks


Many Vata people cannot easily digest large meals and may need to supplement their diet by snacking once a day at a regular time.

Vata body types especially can use the extra grounding that a good healthy snack brings. Do not eat too quickly after meals, be sure your previous meal has been digested.

Vata body types should favor heavy, moist, oily and warming foods. Reduce cold, rough, dry, light, raw foods.

Vata should avoid snacking on drying foods like popcorn, crackers, chips, granola, dried fruits, and nuts. Avoid heavy foods like bread as well. Ideal Vata snacks are liquid and easy to digest.

·         Glass of orange juice

·         Banana, cooked apple, cantaloupe

·         Small bowl of rice

·         Pureed carrot soup

·         Almond or rice milk

.         Avocado 

.        A cup of Miso soup 

.        Lassi

.        Hummus and fresh chopped veg

  Additionally, when you eat healthy snacks, there can be some benefits - 

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·         Provides Diverse Nutrients

·         Prevents Binge Eating

·         Beats The Afternoon Slump

·         Raises Metabolism

·         Increases Concentration

·         Lowers Cholesterol

·         Gives You Energy To Keep You Active

·         Controls Your Blood Sugar

·         Decreases The Chance Of Diabetes And Cardiovascular Disease

 Now you can watch your favorite movie, or tv series while munching on something healthy, and benefit while doing it.

Linda Bretherton

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