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Healthy Snacks for Kapha

Healthy Snacks for Kapha


For most people, “snacking” means eating a sleeve of cookies while or mindlessly munching on crisps while you miss out on good quality food.

Sometimes you simply get too busy to prepare and eat a healthy meal. Having some healthy snacks on hand can be useful when this happens.

And if you’re trying to lose weight, especially when you are living the Ayurveda way, you might assume snacks are the kryptonite to your healthy eating plan but they don’t have to be.

There are healthy snacks that you can enjoy and at the same time benefit from it.

What are the Best Snacks for Kapha 

Since living in Ayurveda way is also being aware of our body type, one must follow this rule:

If you must snack, snack strategically. Eat light foods for your Dosha that are easy to digest.

Wheat crackers, biscuits, chocolate, cheese, granola, and nuts are generally too heavy for snacking.   

Kapha Snacks

apples in hand.jpg

Kapha should plan ahead and schedule the time to eat a good breakfast in the morning in accordance with your dosha. Kapha is the dosha that is able to skip breakfast although it doesn't like to.

Practice getting used to a routine, especially if you’ve been in the habit of snacking which Kapha tend to do. 

Kapha should not really snack as this brings problems with weight gain.

Kapha can snack on drying, light, unsalted foods, as well as appetite suppressants like raw apples.

·        Pears

.        Raw Apple

.        Watermelon

·        Celery Sticks

·        Popcorn

.        Kale Crisps

.        Ginger tea

The kapha dosha is represented by the earth element and benefits from dryer lighter food, when they eat heavy, moist food it creates alma in the body that gets stuck and manifests in many problems, most of all obesity.

Be mindful when choosing snacks.


Additionally, when you eat healthy snacks, there can be some benefits - 

pears in bowl.jpg

·         Provides Diverse Nutrients

·         Prevents Binge Eating

·         Beats The Afternoon Slump

·         Raises Metabolism

·         Increases Concentration

·         Lowers Cholesterol

·         Gives You Energy To Keep You Active

·         Controls Your Blood Sugar

·         Decreases The Chance Of Diabetes And Cardiovascular Disease

 Now you can watch your favorite movie, or tv series while munching on something healthy, and benefit while doing it.

Linda Bretherton

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