Eat the Seasons Great Resource

Eat the Seasons Great Resource.

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This is a really useful resource for reading about seasonal foods that are available each month.

This is what they say about why to eat according to the seasons. Its a really good place to visit to learn more about what keeps us healthy on our doorsteps.

 There are a number of good reasons to eat more local, seasonal food:
to reduce the energy (and associated CO2 emissions) needed to grow and transport the food we eat
to avoid paying a premium for food that is scarcer or has travelled a long way
to support the local economy
to reconnect with nature's cycles and the passing of time
but, most importantly, because seasonal food is fresher and so tends to be tastier and more nutritious.

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The majority of the UK population grow up in urban areas, with little or no awareness of when and where various foods are produced. Imports from around the world ensure that supermarket shelves look the same week in week out.
Eat the Seasons aims to promote an understanding of food seasons. Each week we focus on one food, which is currently in season, and share enlightening facts, useful tips and enticing recipe ideas picked from the web and our favourite books.

Here their link

Eat the Seasons


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