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Ayurveda its Origins

What are the origins of Ayurveda? This article is a brief introduction to these origins. There are many interpretations and opinions on this, I've tried to offer some interesting information and looked at some of the ancient Ayurveda texts

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The Elements Connect Us to Nature and the World we Live in

The Elements Connect Us to Nature and the World we Live in. To understand the concept of the Elements and how they are a crucial part in Ayurvedic we must understand that we are reflections of the natural world and have, in our cells, the same molecular ingredients as everything around us.


So Good for Pitta. Steamed Veg & Coconut Combo

So Good for Pitta. Steamed Veg & Coconut Combo. I love this dish, it's really satisfying and perfect for the Pitta constitution. It's quick and easy to prepare and a great addition to other foods like curries or a side dish to salad or soups.

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Healthy Snacks for Vata

Many Vata people cannot easily digest large meals and may need to supplement their diet by snacking once a day at a regular time.

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Our Favourite Kimbalaki Soup Video

This is my mum and here is hers and everyone's favourite soup and really easy recipe. This video was recorded about 5 years ago and my mum has passed since then, but she always loved this soup and each time I watch it, it reminds me of her and the things that helped her feel well.


Day to Day Connections with Nature

Day to Day Harmony with Nature. What’s goes on around us has a great influence on what goes on within us. What does that mean? It means being in harmony with nature also affects our body and mind. Daily Sadhanas are a way of living in harmony with nature which can influence our everyday life for better health.


Heat & Headaches According to Ayurveda

Heat & Headaches According to Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, we look at health problems completely differently from regular medicines. There is always the body constitution to consider ... not one pill for all that's for sure.

Gorgeous Coconut Curry

Gorgeous Coconut Curry

A Gorgeous Coconut Curry that is healthy, tasty and SO simple. I love this recipe, you can have it at any time of the year and use different veggies, the spice mix can be made up in advance and kept in a tight fitting container, remember that its best to grind your spices in small quantities so that it keeps really fresh.

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Dr Arya Describes Dinacharya

Dr Arya Describes Dinacharya. Dr Arya is doing a series of articles that inform us all about the valuable daily practices called Dinacharya. In Ashtangahridaya textbook, the second chapter deals with Dinacharya or the daily regimen.


My Passion for Beans

My Passion for Beans. The first time I ever had a combination of beans and grain was in my 20's when I was staying with a friend in London. Her boyfriend was Indian and he cooked us a meal one evening. I wasn't keen on the look of the dish and reluctantly tried it, only to be surprised by its wonderful melding of tastes, a combination of nutty, earthy flavours and exotic spices that I had never experienced before, I loved it and will never forget it 40 yrs later.


The Philosophy of Ayurveda Cooking

The Philosophy of Ayurveda Cooking. The most important lesson regarding food and cooking according to Ayurveda is ensuring that your food is in alignment with the intelligence of nature.

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Warming Kind of Chai Body Tea - Kapha Reducing

Warming Kind of Chai Body Tea - Kapha Reducing. This is a really quick, heating tea and great for keeping Kapha from being stuck in the tissues, good for weight loss.

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Samskaras how they rule us.

Samskaras how they rule us. Psychology puts great influence on our past behaviour and patterns from our childhood and life experiences.

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Hydrotherapy for the Face. Ancients Secrets of Ubtan

Hydrotherapy for the Face. Ancients Secrets of Ubtan

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Pitta Breakfast Porridge Oats and Dried or Fresh Fruit*

Pitta Breakfast Porridge Oats and Dried or Fresh Fruit*

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Vata Breakfast Rice with Raisins or Fresh Fruit*

Vata Breakfast Rice with Raisins or Fresh Fruit* 1 cup of cooked basmati rice - only make enough for serving the same day. Ayurveda does not advocate using 'afters' on another day. But particularly with rice as it can harbor germs much more easily than other foods.


Whats Ayurveda ? Q and A

Whats Ayurveda? Questions and Answers. Ayurveda, the comprehensive science of wellbeing...yet is still relatively unknown in the UK. Ayurveda is a system of medicine and a philosophy for living in harmony with nature.

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The Dhatus a Brief Ayurveda Definition of Health

The Dhatus a Brief Ayurveda Definition of Health. Crucial to the development and nourishment of the body, the dhatus unfold successively as follows, starting with the nourishment derived from the product of digestion.

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Keeping your hair strong and moisturized

Dr Arya our online expert contributor has given us ideas, tips and Ayurveda advice for keeping our hair strong and moisturized, with recipes to try at home.

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