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Sandra's Ongoing Journey

Sandra's Ongoing Journey

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Yesterday's Sat Chit Ananda day felt subtle for me. No big 'lightbulb' moment, no WOW moments.... yet I now feel how powerful it really was!

Early this morning, 5.30 am.... I had a WOW moment, and this may sound strange but I really cannot find the words that will describe it well enough, so I'm not going to try... it doesn't matter.

I did write these words though, which reading back now feels a little dark but I'm sharing here nonetheless, I've deliberated long enough so I'm just going for it.

My husband was in the shower and the light from the landing shone through the bedroom door, onto the heart that hangs on our wall, it felt so powerful, I had to capture it.

Thank You, Linda, for yesterday, no words are necessary, you know how much this means to me  🙏


Every word I speak
Every action I take
Brings me to here and now
... take me home

Home is where the heart is
My heart is guarded
Home is where the heart is
My precious bleeding heart

Every word I think
Every action I deliver
Takes me somewhere
Somewhere out there

When I am home
It brings me to tears
When I am home
There is peace and bliss

Too many questions
Overwhelm and confusion
I am willing to try
I am ready for freedom

Letting go
Being free
No story
Just me

I have touched Love
I have felt Love
Love is all there is
Love is me, Love is you


I might add during my 'awareness' this morning, it was as if all my senses were heightened, it was truly BLISS

Linda Bretherton

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