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Samskara and the Inner Child

Samskara and the Inner Child 

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According to Ayurveda Vedic philosophy samskaras are mental and emotional patterns that we can be born with, as well as accumulate through our lives, particularly from negative or traumatic experiences and events that shape the way we behave and experience life.

It's Impossible
This becomes an impossibly sabotaging cycle that circles over and over again throughout our lives.

The word samskara comes from the Sanskrit sam (complete or joined together) and kara (action, cause, or doing).

Samskaras make up our conditioning and becomes who we think we are ... there are positive samskaras.. but what we find is that the deep conditioning that comes from our childhood experiences become so entrenched, so inaccessible, so binding, that they can literally destroy our physical experiences.

We Cannot Help it
We cannot help it and this is the irony we repeat again and again and this reinforces our samskaras, creating a groove in the unconscious, that's hard to understand and difficult to break.

The samskaras I am describing are negative, with self-sabotaging mental patterns that underlie low self-esteem and self-destructive relationships. These negative samskaras are what restricts our ability to be awake and at peace.

The missing link is the understanding that samskaras are 'experiences' or indeed 'memories' from a past that belongs to a much younger 'you' ... often called the Inner Child.

Its not real
The past and the experiences are no longer real they have passed.
We know as adults, if we are able or willing to see, that they are not real now. 
Yet because of the impact of negative samskaras we are often unable to find this clarity when we are 'in' a samskara memory.

It's really a tragic and impossible place to find a way through. Help and understanding and a shift in the brains grooves is what's needed.

Becoming aware of the real day to day living and giving this part of us what was missing so long ago is what helps.

It's Hard
It seems like I am painting a negative picture by saying it's almost impossible to be released from samskaras ... but unfortunately the very fact that it's an imprinted memory from a child's mind ... makes this extremely difficult.

Think about it ... when you make the same mistake, or continue to have the same relationship problems , continue to self destruct... you know it's not ok .. but it's so difficult to change it.

Deeper Place
This is because there needs to be a deeper understanding which is not possible from the mind. 
It's really a deeper understanding which is based on offering something completely different from what you keep doing.

It's not worked has it ... to date?

It cannot be done through the mind only through the heart.

Linda Bretherton

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