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It's certainly a rocky road

It's certainly a rocky road

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Everyone experiences change that can create suffering

We never have a choice to follow a path that might be rocky, uneven and that feels really dangerous, but will almost certainly lead you to an incredible open, wide vista.

Or you can tread carefully and seemingly safely and just see only as far as the eyes can see.

You can be guided, but you truly have to want to travel the journey, you've tried several trains, planes, automobiles, roller coasters, boats, canoes, floating rafts, all in hopes that you will arrive somewhere, it rarely does.

This journey is one that tugs at the heart and soul, its a journey within that takes you to the deepest depths of the universe and along the way you find all manner of creatures that try to force you to turn around.

Many of you do. This isn't cowardly, it's simply what happens. These creatures come bearing gifts of false security, lies that say ' all will be well', they persuade you to change the route and travel alone.

However, if you continue on this unfathomable journey you will encounter separations, sadness, uncertainty, despair and many other gifts for spiritual growth, and the creatures will continue to tell you that this can't be ok, that you were ok as you were.

And the inner voice which brought you on this journey will get pushed under a huge rock of denial as you continue to listen to the creatures of the ego.

Depending on your inner desire to evolve, your deeper connection to knowing the self, and your willingness to see the truth of your life today, this will determine whether you continue the journey, or go back to the familiar walks that lead you in a lovely circle around and around.

You already know without a doubt that something is calling you to 'wholeness'.

This calling does not take you for a stroll along with a man-made concrete paved path, but forward through the forests, rivers, mountains, oceans and lakes, towards light, achievement, fulfillment, gratitude and Bliss.


Linda Bretherton

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