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Is Change Possible?

Is Change Possible?

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How do we change, is not an easy question to answer, in fact, it becomes impossible to answer when we look at the concepts of Advaita.

There is nothing for us to change, according to the ancient Vedic scriptures that describe our absolute nature, we are already exactly how we are 'meant' to be, and even that is a misnomer, we simply are! Its a really difficult one to grasp, as we focus so much on the problem, the worry, the things we have done wrong and we believe that we had a choice in what was happening.

  • Did you choose to lose your temper?
  • Did you choose to get fat?
  • Did you choose to feel depressed?

When we really look we will see that these things happened and we had no control over them, they just happened.

So how do people attempt to change?

People go to great lengths to create change in their lives.

We can change our hairstyle, our clothes, shoes, with relative ease and often not understanding that this desire to change our outward appearance is a deeper desire.                   

It's exhausting                               

As we begin to exhaust the personal attempts at change we move to include, changing our cars, our homes, our husbands and wives still believing that this next change will provide us with the ‘movement’ we so desperately seek.

Change is about movement and in the past 20 years we have all seen an increased amount of movement in the gaining of material assets and in how we change our appearances. Fashion items either clothing, home purchases or cars are made so that they can be used for a short period of time and then discarded or simply break down.

Little that we do or have to help us to change ourselves to fit into our world has lasting positive effects.

Many understand this intellectually

We know that lasting change does not come from materialistic gains but we are conditioned into believing that it does and this is so hard to unravel the belief system that holds onto this thinking. This thinking is called samskaras, patterns in the mind built over years of programming.

The change we desire and the movement we need to implement it is not in our outward world but in our internal selves. Here inside of us is where we need movement. The true gift of change comes through the pain of action. Actions to change ourselves comes from a willingness to understand the reasons why we don’t change.

Actions are also doings 

Knowing that it's not the actions that create the change, but your perceptions begin to shift.

Know who you are 

You are not your actions, you are not your beliefs, you are a vessel that life is living through and that life energy is nothing and everything.


Linda Bretherton

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