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Can we really ever be happy?

Can we really ever be happy?

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Many people think that they will be happy as soon as everything in their lives goes the way they want it to be.

This, of course, means that they keep in trying and trying to make it all go perfectly or at least almost perfectly.

It means that they are on a roller coaster to continued anxiety that actually becomes the norm, they don't know how anxious they are as they constantly look to be in control of external situations in order to make them better.

What they do find, but rarely able to see, is that when everything looks like its perfect, when they think they have made things perfect, it simply isn't enough ~ ever.

No matter where they look, for validation, praise, more learning, better products, more friends, less weight, anything...

They will never be sustainable and they need to look to the next way to feel happier.

Some may even see that these outward things don’t make us happy after all.

Linda Bretherton

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