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Betrayal and the Inner Child

Betrayal and the Inner Child

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There are large acts of betrayal which are often multiplied because not only do we betray ourselves but are also betraying others.
There are lots of ways to betray ........

Being unfaithful in a relationship is one of the most common and blind acts of betrayal. It is usual for people who are unfaithful to say that they didn’t feel any sense of remorse at the time of the betrayal and it isn’t until much later that the feelings arise.

Our ego, from childhood fear, acts in exactly the same way when we betray a friend, or you might say, 'let someone down' , it's difficult to reach the emotional self and much easier to justify ourselves by cutting ourselves off. I call this 'The Frozen Heart'.

This is what we typically do when we do not want to visit the places that will tell us that we are wrong, that we made a mistake. Very few people are willing to own up to something, particularly when it has been used to justify and others have joined in with the justifications.

This is because of our hurt, misguided damaging ego acts and works incredibly hard to close our feelings down, our true feelings from our hearts, and it encourages us to feel from our bodies and minds.

Our hearts are completely closed when we are in any type of betrayal large or small. If we are willing to really examine our words, behaviour, betrayal and soften to our 'frozen heart' we are able to see the truth, as hard as it might be and to heal, not only ourselves, but others.

Linda Bretherton

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